Ode to the Sunset (in Bali)


Ode To The Sunset (in Bali)


oh, sun so beautiful
when you set
you silenced
in a place so crowded
they gaze and marvel at you
with intense in all its glory
while I stood quietly
in awe
in amazement
in wonder
you make my heartbeat
one with the waves splashing
and for the first time in a long while
you calm the storm raging in me
my heart that was once in fury
is now tempered.

oh, sun so beautiful when you set
you bring the magic back in me.

Photos are of beautiful (beautiful is not even enough to describe it) sunset in Bali.

Bali has long been a popular travel destination,  known for its beautiful beaches, great food, and incredibly welcoming ( and I meant it with all my heart) people.

Another big Bali draw is the sunset and the plethora of stunning locations to watch them from. No visit to the island is complete without gazing from a beach, a cliff, or jungle as the sun disappears into a colorful haze.

Apart from the magnificent sunset, I noticed that though the beach is crowded, yet not a noise was made as we all wait for the sun to set. The world stops for a moment. It was so quiet;  so quiet we only hear the wind blowing and the waves splashing.


You can now add writing poetry to your “must-do list in Bali”.  Find a spot amidst the crowd and write.


  1. mother nature is healing and resonates deeply with us all!

    Your poem and pics say it all 🙂

    Though I have no wish to venture there at all. You must have met heaps of Aussies as it’s their favourite playground. If I travel I prefer to avoid my countrymen who tend to worship alcohol and imbibe in copious quantities, not for me!


    1. Thank you kate…and yes they say there’s a lot of Aussie here..but i havent really noticed much though, as we were always out of the city and be back in the evening….which is i think the best way to be one with nature..

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      1. We did a lot of outdoor activities here kate…we had fun, and there is so much and so many to do other than partying in Bali. We visited a really far town in Bali ..it was nature at its finest….

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  2. Your poem has captured that gorgeous sunset, Mich!
    I love when nature gets us to stop, take some deep breaths, take in the beauty, and accept healing. Such a peaceful feeling!
    I know nature (like a sunrise, or sunset, like the moon and stars in the night sky, ETC.) often makes me feel so grateful to be a tiny part of all of it…and it often puts the ills of life into perspective. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. The sunset anywhere is lovely, but over a body of water amazing.
    In Maui the sun set quickly almost plummeting – blink and you’d miss it.
    When in Florida we had the opportunity to watch the sun set twice – though a little cloudy. One evening the dolphins played at dusk – sigh…


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