Of all the Things



(There are so many good things out there, but the best one is actually just right beside us)

                                                             Of all the Things


Of all the things I adore
your smile I can’t ignore
for it extends to your eyes
and deep into your soul
screaming gently with honesty
and purity 
like a child so innocent
so vibrant
so free


Of all the things I admire
your streaks of gray hair I can’t ignore
for it makes you more attractive
and even charming
screaming softly
with wisdom
and great sense
of maturity


Of all the things I revere
your soft, short bristles I can’t ignore
for it looks perfect on you
screaming delightfully
with joyful interests
and a sincere
of humor


Above all things there is
your warm and comforting
embrace is what makes sense
for it calms my weary heart
screaming for a peaceful
sweetest night
with you



Written and posted for World of Words hosted by Jade Wong https://jademwong.wordpress.com/2020/02/18/poetry-a-quiet-place/
along with Rosemarie of A reading Writer and Maria of Doodle Scribbles. This week, we’re traveling to India with the word Shanta, a Bengali word meaning peaceful, calm.


(There is magic everywhere, all the time)



In a world full of sorrows
let me be your source of joy
and your reason to smile with gratitude
let me be the one to say
you don’t need to be wise to understand that simple things in life are extraordinary

I’ll be the magic you’ve always longed.

In a world where reality bites
I’ll usher you to a place
of never-ending excitement 
and eagerness
I’ll usher you to do foolish things
with enthusiasm and ardor

I’ll be the magic you’ve always needed.

In a world of darkness
I will be your little ray of light
I’ll bring a speck of fervent hope
and aspiration
I will be the flame
I’ll burn with great passion
and a sense of conviction

I’ll be the magic you’ve always missed.

In a world where dreams are impossible
I will be your wishing star
and will make your dreams a reality
I will cheer you up like a unicorn
’till you find your happily ever after

I will be the magic you’ve always desired.

I will be your dreams do come true
and your happy ending
I will be your golden pot at the end
of a rainbow and your silver lining
I will be your sweetest refrain in
a lonely lullaby

I will be the magic and will never let you down.



Inspired by my conversation with Gina of https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/2020/02/14/the-magic-of-two-valentines/

From her recent post “The Magic of Two Valentines”
Magic happens when we believe. And when we believe, we learn to trust confidently, love with compassion and kindness, dream bigger than we used to, understand without a doubt, and live life with so much gratitude in our hearts.

When we believe we will be able to see the good in even the worst situation or the best in a seemingly evil being. We will be happier, we will be more at peace and the world will be a better place to live.

This is just me, wishing and cheering you all a magical day wherever you are and whatever you do.

This is for kate too https://aroused.blog/  for saying “cheer us all up”

Not a Single Day


I can be tediously boring, I know
But your funny punchlines
Are more than enough
I laugh, I smile, I smirk

Not a single day
that I don’t miss your unpredictable humor

I can be critically stubborn, I know
But I listen politely
To what you always have to say
I hear you, I understand you, I get you

Not I single day
That I don’t miss your sensible rants

I can be hysterically intolerable, I know
But your cheerfulness warms my heart
And calms my weary soul
I feel it, I perceive it, I recognize it

Not a single day
That I don’t miss your mysterious smile

Not  a single day that I don’t miss you
Even when you are around


I have been MIA for a little while, and now I am back with this love poem in celebration of Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day and I ‘ve missed you all!!!