Not a Single Day


I can be tediously boring, I know
But your funny punchlines
Are more than enough
I laugh, I smile, I smirk

Not a single day
that I don’t miss your unpredictable humor

I can be critically stubborn, I know
But I listen politely
To what you always have to say
I hear you, I understand you, I get you

Not I single day
That I don’t miss your sensible rants

I can be hysterically intolerable, I know
But your cheerfulness warms my heart
And calms my weary soul
I feel it, I perceive it, I recognize it

Not a single day
That I don’t miss yourΒ mysterious smile

NotΒ  a single day that I don’t miss you
Even when you are around


I have been MIA for a little while, and now I am back with this love poem in celebration of Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day and I ‘ve missed you all!!!


  1. Mich, a lovely Valentine’s poem and the feeling of love, care and totally understanding of each other shine out! I love the juxtapositions throughout! Happy Valentine’s Day and glad to see you back. Hope all is okay.


  2. so good to have you back my dear, hope you are full of vigour now! well this poem kind of says it all to me, your lovable character comes right through, it bubbles and squeaks and fills the reader with so much joy. A beautiful poem for a loved one that makes up the other side of us, a perfect contrast matching our imperfections makes both better person’s. One could also take this as a poem to self, the two sides only we see in ourselves and on Valentine’s Day we remember to also love ourselves. I am so happy today, reading your poem is so uplifting and magical.


    1. Thank you Gina for your wonderful and beautiful insights. I am glad you are able to see more from this poem, beyond the what is being literally said. And mostly it makes me smile knowing that you felt magic in it!!!!😊😊😊

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