I Love you Gently as Snowflakes

I love you gently
as snowflakes tumble
through the air,
swirling and spiraling,
each taking
different paths to the ground
finding gloriously a special spot
transforming, creating
new beginnings

I love you gently
as snowflakes trickle
the ground
twirling and spinning
as I find my way
unto your heart defying thy gravity
melting in your arms softly
and affectionately

I love you gently as snowflakes



For  Gina https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/  who loves snow
For Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Glorious – March 16, 2020. https://amanpan.com/2020/03/15/eugis-weekly-prompt-glorious-march-16-2020/

For Carolyn  https://doesitevenmatter3.wordpress.com/ who sends hug always

virus says
no to touching
no to hugging
but your virtual
no virus hugs
always warms
our hearts
And more love for everyone❤❤❤ stay safe.


(And a cup of coffee everyone, to warm our hearts and softens our thoughts)


  1. oh i love this! right now is it scorching hot and there is no other place I’d rather be than in a cold wintry spot! thank you from the bottom of my ice cold heart. so much love for you and our amazing women of word press. Kate calls us “sisters in Logophilia”! lovers of words we are indeed!

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    1. This is the moment in our lives when we need to see the good in even the worst situation and having really wonderful people around us is one of the best. And you are one of those wonderful people Carolyn.

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  2. This is beautiful. 😍 Allowing for different paths, still loving, still finding each other. Here is a virtual *hug* for you. Thanks also for the coffee picture; it made me smile.


      1. Gina has a gorgeous personality, and it was certainly a thrill to meet up with her, and we had a fab’ time….. I’m worrying about her a the moment… her job is in vulnerable situation….xxx


  3. Your poem crept into my mind softly this morning and stole my heart. So lovely, Mich. Yes, I love virtual hugs. *big tight squeezy hugs* There you go! I especially love those! =) ♥.


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