My Sunflower

you are my sunflower
dotingly opens to the sun
standing tall, bold and true
shining brightly
even on the darkest of days
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
adoring the sun
with soul on fire, heart with grace
blooming cheerfully
after the longest wait
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
taking its life from the sun
guiding, illuminating my mornings
caresses warmly with gentle rays
after a sweet night embrace
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
and oh, how I love thee!

let me be your sunshine!


(My cheerful Pat in a sunflower garden)



For the lovely kate, who loves sunflower

And more love everyone amidst the current health scare.

May we find our sunflower, one who will be our source of happiness and optimism.

May we all be like sunflowers; may we have the power to grow from darkness into light


      1. We are back in rainy dreary weather but I feel better after a little sun. There is a lot of stress at work right now causing my mood to easily drop.


  1. Hugs for Patricia, such a sweet girl. I miss her smile. Am keeping the button for her… I still remember it. Your poem is like that Post Malone song. Love sunflowers but your flower girl is by far sunnier and prettier.

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    1. Thank you Gina..i was having breakfast alone and looking at their photos and her smile just brightens my day..then i remembered kate who’s WP profile is subflower.. and now i am listening to the song sunflower…its indeed a universal thing..

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      1. Universe has many connecting points I think in your silence and solitude God is telling you all will be OK. A sunflower is joy and hope. Yes Kate is much like that to me. 🌻

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      2. I am making the most out of the lockdown and the health scare and i think it activated my brain cells more.
        Lol…or maybe i just had more time to contemplate and reflect upon many things which we failed to when we are busy with simply being busy.

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      3. That’s so true. I am confident we will all come out of this stronger and better. Reflection time is precious and you gift us with such wonderful poetry and happy feelings after. Really making the world a better place in your own special way.

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  2. lol what a delightful sunny tribute … this space is giving us more time and confidence to tell others how much they mean to us! Thanks so much Mich ❀

    And Pat and her smile almost outshine those lovely sunflowers πŸ™‚

    So weird to read chat about oneself … now you will have to post a verse for the others too πŸ™‚

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      1. and I’m inspired to do a post on self isolation … done it for years but never shared my secrets πŸ™‚
        Most fail with 2-10 months … but we will be doing for way less than that!

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      2. I did years before I started blogging Mich … if/when I get into my new abode I will close down for a few weeks … that other time I went to Asia to teach meditation for 5 months. It was intense conditions with only nominal internet access. I do love it πŸ™‚


  3. Awesome poem, I do refer to my kid as sunshine or a human stampede depending on what she’s doing. May favorite of all the names I call her is “anaconda”, from a Sarah G movie I think. πŸ˜„
    Cheers! 🍸


    1. Keep safe back home Mr. A and your lovely kid as well. They say if lockdown dont work we will face the 3rs hit of corona virus which is deadlier..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


  4. I read this and immediately heard my grandfather singing “You are my sunshine” He would sing it to me and even taught me to sing it… one of the first songs I remember!


      1. You’re welcome.
        Trying to stay safe. Difficult to do, as there are some errands that just have to be run…like for food. We did not panic buy, or hoard, so now we are having trouble finding things like bread, eggs, etc.


      2. Thank you! We’ll be okay! We can get creative with potatoes! πŸ˜‰ “1000 and 1 Ways to Fix Potatoes”! And we are always stocked up on brown rice, pasta, salad ingredients, and other staples.


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