Longing for You

‘Twas like nightmares
trying to scream
and nothing comes out
no matter how hard
you try

‘Twas like drowning
to breath
and you can’t
simply can’t

‘Twas like missing a step
your foot is suspended
in air, you know
it should felt
solid ground

but you
have no idea
what’s happening
if you ever feel the solid ground again
or you’ll just fall forever
longing just to be near you feels like that

(my soul is an empty road without you)


This week’s World of Words prompt, “kahidlaw”, a Bisaya word which means “deep longing”.
Every week, Rosemarie (of A Reading Writer), Maria (of Doodle Scribbles), and Jade will post a word from a different country. world.https://jademwong.wordpress.com/2020/03/23/poetry-reunion/
The current virus scare has left most of us locked down at home. But sadly, it has also left some families apart too.

Most of us if not all miss home; but most of those at home miss the world outside.

Sending more love guys 💗💗💗


  1. Missing a loved one is a such personal pain
    The day is bath in sun, but your drowning in rain

    “’twas like drowning
    to breath
    and you can’t
    simply can’t”………. I eventually did breathe again….


  2. this poem says to me how much we will miss something only when it is taken away, we think we have enough time to do all we want but it is never true. you articulate the echo form many hearts with this poem


  3. Very accurate descriptions.
    Last year I (not far) fell off a ladder expecting that step…that wasn’t there.
    Especially those of us now labeled as ‘seniors’ need to be aware not to take unexpected risks.

    Stay safe and healthy! (hugs).


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