Come Rain and Sunshine


(I am a dark sky without you)


hear me as I cry for your sweet agonizing ray
I beg the sun to shine
as you stay by in time.
oh, the rain came sweeping down
as blood oozes
through my vein
for your
sweet embrace
no, not this time
never my love,
for no one is bound to know
how prepared I can be
when you go
forever will I be doomed

please, don’t
never go
just for a moment

come rain and sunshine
in darkness and in light
all through my life
I will love thee
eternally forever
Now I beg, rain please don’t go!




We remember and pray for all those mourning the demise of a loved one because of COVID 19. We also remember and pray for all those who can’t be with their loved ones in this moment of darkness.

To be alone is sad; to be sick and alone is even devastating

More love on your way guys as we face the current health scareπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Stay at home. Stay healthy. And remember in time, we will all be fine again.
Be safe☺


  1. Everything about this post is gorgeous. Your poem, the compassionate message at the end, all come together flawlessly.
    Even in all of this darkness and rain, you light up the world with your brilliance.
    Beautifully done.
    Keep shining. Keep inspiring.
    Be safe. xo

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    1. Aw, this is so nice of you Drew to say it. My words maybe just a little ray of light in our very dark w world today and i hope that this will spark a change to all those who will read it. The change of wanting to be better, wanting to help and wanting to make a difference.

      Be safe in there😊

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  2. The intensity of your emotions, the vividness of your imagery and the beauty of your creative thoughts is what made this post an absolutely astounding post to read for me as a reader. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. πŸ™‚πŸ™


      1. My Mom currently lives in an apartment building attached to a nursing home/facility…the Covid-19 virus has taken hold of many elderly residents and care staff…your love and prayers are needed!


  3. This brought tears to my eyes…your photo and poem duet…tears of sadness for all who are suffering, fearful, lonely or mourning…tears of joy that we can reach out and help each other.
    You are like the sun bursting through the dark clouds after a terrible storm, SweetMich! Thank you for the love, warmth, hope, peace and joy you share!
    (((HUGS))) and ❀ to you and all of your family! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you too Carolyn for saying that. We are in a very difficult situation when we wanted to comfort those who needs comfort but we cant. And maybe just maybe the universe will listen to our collective thoughts of love and kindness and compassion..

      Stay safe..

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  4. it is a mournful poem yet a powerful message it carries, if we don’t follow the stay home directive, the last we see our loved one is the day they are taken to hospital. it is a reminder we are helping each other by being obedient and patient,so beautifully written Mich, your heartfelt cry is heard


    1. My thoughts are with our frontliners like you in the medical field and our military personel and to all the families who have been separated by this virus.

      Keep safe Gina😊😊😊

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  5. The compassion and heart in this entire post touches me, Mich. Let us take a moment to send our well wishes and thoughts to those who are mourning loved ones πŸ’”. I hope we all flatten the curve soon.


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