I Miss You


I am an empty chair amidst a lovely view without you


it’s most painful that I miss you
a silent ache cries out my heart
unbearable, thoughts of you
makes it harder to breath


the saddest part is I know
you are out there somewhere
but I cannot look into your eyes
and say how badly I want you
at this point


missing you is the sweetest
yet most heartbreaking pain
I taste my own tears
even when I smile


and my lifeΒ  appears
worse than anything
I miss you and
its absolute pain



Sending more love and prayer to all our front liners and to all those who are away from home and from their love ones πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—



  1. you express your yearning so graphically, take care precious … I’m sure they miss you too!
    Fortunately the girls are safe, but not so sure about our frontliners ❀


  2. The longing is palpable! You captured the feeling so well that I know it comes from personal experience. Hope all are well, especially the one(s) you are without!


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