As Long As


I am a ray of sunlight slowly drifting away without you


As long as I have my dreams

as long as I have my thoughts

as long as I remember

I will love you


As long as my eyes can see

and  my ears can hear

and my lips can speak

I will love you


As long as my  heart feels

my soul stirs within me

my imagination will hold you

I will love you


As long as  time exists

as long as love is true

as long as there is you

as long as I breath

of love and affection

I will love you


you love me too





No man is an Island – Thomas Merton

Our mental health emotional health, as well as our personal well being, are tied up in the quality of our personal relationships. The more closely we are connected to the people we love and adore the happier we feel and the more personal satisfaction and contentment we have in our lives. Most people say that the connection and shared enjoyment with their loved ones are their most important life experiences.

It is from the web of our relationships and connections with other people that we draw our strength. Such communities can lift us when we are down and give us the capacity to deal with whatever challenges come our way.

Sadly, with the current health crisis, we are facing, these special and important relationships we have are being put at test. The situation has separated us from our loved one and even our friends. And whether we like it or not the simple handshake and a kiss on the cheeks will no longer be observed for as long as we don’t know yet.

This is our new normal now. Away from home; separated from our loved ones; no gestures of love and no endearing moments.

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Sending more love and prayers to everyone💗💗💗

Published by michnavs

Philippine-born Michelle Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia. Michelle authored the book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars” for PWW during their Million Stars campaign. Graduated with a Master of Education majoring in English in the Philippines, Michelle was a former college professor, teaching literature, speech & oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. Michelle is active in her writing profession and works as a freelance creative writer. Michelle passionately blogs at, where you can find her prose and poetry on love, life, motherhood, and her advocacy on abuse and violence. A published author on Spillwords NYC Her poem “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. kindly go check the following links – –

53 thoughts on “As Long As

  1. This is so true and it is just heartbreaking. We must all try to stay in contact here on WirdPress at least. Thankyou mich. a good post


  2. It is a most difficult time for many dear Mich… But as with those loved ones whom have passed and no longer with us, Our hearts our memories keep us close…
    At least in today’s world of technology we can connect through vast distances in an instant…. It doesn’t compensate I know for our close relationships of our loved ones…

    Your words brought to the fore that our hearts and minds are powerful in the love we hold and the love we send…
    And I felt that love you shared in your beautiful poem…

    Much love dear Mich… Take care of yourself…. and stay safe… ❤


  3. Nice piece of poetry, Mich and I would say it is absolutely good to be connected on WordPress and we all can share our love, happiness and kindness with each other. Let us all pray for our World to be well again.


  4. a powerful and profound message thanks Mich … loved ones and family know that our thoughts and prayers are with them but this can never replace time together face to face! The hugs, touching laughing spontaneously … but it will happen again but maybe not as quickly as many hoped for.

    We all need to love and care for each other as the situation escalates … we need to listen and communicate ❤

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


      1. I’m pretty sure it will get worse until people heed the precautions … most here are treating it like a holiday but that’s just part of their denial

        Once people accept self-isolation no matter how tough that is then things will improve … take care precious, so glad you two are together!


  5. a lullaby to me, a sweet song I’d sing to my loved ones. this is so gorgeous Mich, your lines hum and sway and coax love out of the most hardened heart. we are in such trying times, so hard to explain and comprehend, but love will triumph, it always does. keep hope, stay healthy and you’ll see those loved ones soon. meanwhile please continue to bless us with your beautiful poetry


    1. Thank you so much Gina..this is the least i can do to lessen all our worries and anxiety…been a difficult time but we will heal as one …thank you and keep safe in there and stay healthy.🤗🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. we need something to lift our mood and the variety of posts is good, some information, some positive words and most of all poetry and story!


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