my life is a climb, the journey
to reach the top wasn’t obviously easy
i trekked some hard trail
and arduous path
there were challenging course
and bumpy roads
at some point i swore
by my right hand
moving forward
is unforseen
but i made it to top actually,
with lips sealed, i said a little prayer
of thank you to God Almighty
the view from the top
is breathtaking
you see every one below
as little tiny creatures,
like a tiny piece of fish swimming,
or a small bird chirping
they look nice and adorable
and it dawned to me
will it make difference if
i go back where i started
and usher them all along with me
or help them get where i am
simply from the top?
Linking also to  with this as NPM promt 1, use the following words in a poem – fish, hands, lips.

Day 1 of napowrimo – life metaphor


Published by michnavs

Poetry in motion is all about passion, openness, enthusiasm, truth, and reason. It nurtures, inspires and desires to empower women to use their voices and recognize their influence. It envision a vibrant and diverse blogsite  which creates and influence culture and faith.

35 thoughts on “Climb

    1. Thank you Punam…sometimes we really need to look back and see if we can lend a hand to some people in need of our people just need some push and encouragement especially those who are broken and hurt and thought they cant make it.

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  1. Brava! A wonderful use of the words and a real lesson on what it means to be a hero. In the business world the true leaders are the ones who got to the top and brought others with them as opposed to the ones who used everyone as a stepping stone and kicked them down the mountain! Wish more people would understand that success is never enjoyable when bereft of friends…


  2. Yes, yes, yes. The journey can be difficult, but so rewarding when you’ve climbed to the top. I’m happy that you have made it there, dear Mich. Sending you and your family happy thoughts and well wishes in this heavy time of ours 💜


      1. Yes, more or less. We’re not officially in quarantine, but everyone is told to stay home as much possible, only essential workers are told to commute to work, and lots of schools and businesses have closed down.


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