NaPoWriMo Day 18

Our optional prompt for the day also honors the idea of Saturday (the Saturdays of the soul, perhaps?), by challenging you to write an ode to life’s small pleasures. Perhaps it’s the first sip of your morning coffee. Or finding some money in the pockets of an old jacket. Discovering a bird’s nest in a lilac bush or just looking up at the sky and watching the clouds go by.

For today I am writing an ode to all coffee enthusiast’s favorite coffee blend; cappucino and a Saturday afternoon guilty pleasure of fitness enthusiasts as well. Come sit with me over a cup of cappuccino and a million lovely thoughts.



Oh, cappuccino you’re like
secrets of silver swirly dreams
moments of silence, frosty screams
stronger visions of soft, sweet, irreplaceable joys.


Thank you for
being pure, light, alluring;
beautifully crafted in a whipped snow – white
heavenly cream.


Oh, how I love your
choco – colored clear reflections
warm, unstirred, floating hopes
sweet, hot bits of serenity
delicious criss-cross fantasies.


You are lovingly
blended by delicate hand
stored in a cup, freshly designed,
classically adorned.



Now the window panes, soaking with rain
against the ivory painted walls
rhythm blues played again
around cozy, midnight blue couches.


millions of thoughts wondering about
soothing, empowering, mirrorball of the soul.


ahhh! how I longed for my sweet cappuccino




You are my cappuccino
the sweetest version
with a bitter after taste

and I love you that way
sweet and bitter
doesn’t matter anyway


  1. Vivid word-pics! A wonderful ode that ignited my senses, too!
    Sitting down with a fav drink, a book to read, or a pad of paper to poet-on 🙂 … makes for a lovely, joyful, peaceful time! 🙂
    ☕️ ❤ 🙂
    PS…a friend told me that her birthstone is a coffee bean. HA! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn..todays prompt was really just apt for a Saturday..i would love to have a cappucino with you and your friend whose birthstone is coffee bean😊😊😊😊

      Cheers Carolyn…to cappucino..and to coffee bean..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. after a good nights sleep, yet another reading and considerable thought Mich I do feel this poem should be X rated, it is coffee porn!

        now I do appreciate that you are trying to spread the love but we are trying to keep our blogs family friendly ,,,, 😉


  2. “Secrets of silver swirly dreams…” You created a heavenly concoction, Mich! Cheers, sweet friend. Abundance of health and happiness!! Love your cupcake contemplating pic. ☕️💐


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