Today’s prompt is a fairly simple one: to write about a particular fruit – your choice. But I’d like you to describe this fruit as closely as possible.



My senses are at a feast by the first sight of you.
Your shining in golden jade color is what I adore about you


But you change from dark green color to deep purple hue when ripe
That seemed magical and interesting for me to describe


Your skin can go from slightly bumpy one To smooth and glossy as I make my fingers run


Your taste is quite unique
Depending on your ripeness and type


You are normally rich with thick buttery flavor
But sometimes you’re akin to a cold soup as I savor


Some folks don’t like you, you don’t have a sweet scent as others do
Not even a distinct taste of your own too


I love you on my toast with a dash of salt and pepper
A sprinkle of lemon juice and for the brave ones, flakes of red pepper


Asians like you sweet and creamy
I am, I like you nothing but a bit salty


  1. Ay….bit ko po ito….isa sa mga paborito ko ang avocado…mukhang magagawa ko po ang isang ito ah…mamimili ng isang prutas na ilalarawan….❤❤❤ pero ang bongga po ng deskripsyon niyo po sa Avocado… ❤❤❤


  2. This is such a great descriptive piece! I love the avocado, but am unfortunately allergic to it. But sometimes I eat one anyway, in a salad, or how about guacamole??! Yummmm.


  3. Beautiful, SweetMich! Vivid word pictures! And you got all of my senses ignited! 🙂
    I wish I could find good avocados all year ’round. 🙂 When our kids were little, we lived near friends who had avocado trees and orange trees and they very kindly shared. I was in heaven! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


    1. Thank you Carolyn…i too had wonderful memories about neighbors with avocado trees that literally just fell on the ground and kids would race to get it .
      Avocado is such a healthy fruit.

      Keep safe Carolyn..😊

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  4. ah your last line was too good! just like the avocado, there’s a lot below that skin. you are soft and mushy inside but strong and leave an unforgettable after taste…a good one!


  5. Ah… In the states because many of that fruit comes from the state it is called California butter!
    We just had some yesterday on toast – no seasoning. I have to be careful to just get enough to consume – as it does seem to go over quite quickly when ripening 😉


  6. very well done! great tribute to avocado😅 thanks for sharing, have a great day☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested😊 It would mean a lot to me🥺🤍


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