Coffee Blended-Tanka

Coffee Blended – Tanka

(Concubine Lane, Ipoh)


from the night i slept
to the morn' of your beauty
where night and day met
the sun shines with its glory
in your arms sun' s brighter dear

the day will begin
with a loving thought 'bout you
coffee blended love
that's how we are my dearest
lost without the caffeine kick

For Kim’s MMPP


  1. an ode to your god the coffee bean!

    Do hope you moderate your intake Mich … you know they claim caffeine may have caused my breast cancer. But I did drink excess … now it’s one and occasionally two per day!


    1. Thanks for the reminder Kate😊😊😊yes i have reduced my intake too, to two cups a day..unlike before i could go as many as 5 a day…😁


  2. a beautiful play of words, a love for coffee I resonate with. oh Concubine Lane has such rich history, I love how the name came about and all those back lane mysteries. looking forward when we will explore together!


      1. I am sure of time i had some friends from SG and they went shopping for clothes there and they said it was a lot cheaper in Ipoh…πŸ˜‰

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      2. The smaller towns are definitely cheaper, unlike the big city where I live..LOL. Best shopping is in Melaka too and even more to see! We should go to Penang too since we are talking about it. I will take you to the Blue Mansion, it is divine! Movies were made here, then later you can take hubby…its err….very romantic!


      3. yes it is a world heritage site too. sadly the pandemic has ruined many plans, but still we can look forward to the future.


  3. I too love coffee and I must admit, I am above the 2 cup limit. It really does keep me going and I can’t wait for a cup in the morning. How do non coffee drinkers live?? Lovely Tanka!


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