Snowflakes Did Fall (That Summer Morn’)


For Sadje’s What Do You See


‘Twas just a few summers ago

when snowflakes miraculously fell

unto my skin like a little solid raindrop

snowflakes should never fall in summer

but it did, that summer morning

from little snowflakes to snowfall

my dreams of building a snowman

did happen, on a summer morning

when snowflakes should never fall

but it did, that summer morning

snow and cold in summer, not ideal

but I built my first snowman, lovely

then the second one, cheerful

and then the third one, beautiful

finally, the fourth one could look like you

the forecast calls for near-zero temperatures and cool weather for the week, it was odd

but it did, snowflakes even fell that summer

and I built a snowman in May

totally and odd

just as you left, without saying goodbye

that summer morning when the

the sun should be shining and the days

should be hotter still you left,

as snowflakes fell thatΒ  summer morn’







In loving memory of my beloved father.


      1. Ah…yes Kate .they call it Movement Control Order…lockdown in short…its also been chaotic back home as may are still stuck abroad without money or descent place to stay ..

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      2. ouch my relatives are in very comfortable cheap situations, so just more inconvenient than a real bother … sorry for those others!


  1. Oh mich. i didn’t know you were sttuck. How awful. I hope you get home soon. Lots of love and hugs. ❀️


  2. I’m all teary-eyed. I know the anniversaries of the deaths of our beloved ones can be so difficult. 😦 (((HUGS)))
    You’ve expressed how you felt so perfectly…and we can relate.
    Thinking about you. Thinking about your dear father.
    More (((HUGS))) ❀


  3. Beautiful poem Mich.. And sometimes miracles in snow show us that like the snow flakes each are unique and special.. Beautiful and poignant in memory of your Dad… And yes here in the UK today it is cold enough to snow today…. A bitter wind and sleet in the wind this morning as I took a short walk… But it made me feel alive…
    Much love dear Mich..
    Reading the comments I had no idea you were not yet home… Sending well wishes and love and hope the restrictions soon relax for your safe return.. ❀ ❀ ❀


      1. Loved seeing your post today Mich… as I am in the reader rarely these days… But today I thought I must try and catch up on people… And was delighted to see your post this morning ❀


      1. I still miss him. But I think if I was not still in high school when it happened. If he was old when it happened. Or if there had been a long illness before he died the loss would be different.


  4. Lost love ones… warm and cold memories mix. I glance at the walls of my home, the photos – most gone – but I keep them as a reminder to myself as well as those who are still here – especially the young ones. The should know where they come from. They don’t have to bear all the sad memories, but the truth can be told gently.

    Stay safe. ((Hugs))


    1. Thank you so much Jules.😊

      Losing a love one is very sad more so if it happens unexpectedly. That’s why i guess we should always bear in mind to show our love ones how much we love them consistently cos we never know what happens next.

      Stay safe too in there..

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      1. Even when you know death is around the corner… when it happens the mixture of relief and sadness are a unique weight. Especially as we age… and enter our golden years – we need to treasure each day πŸ˜€


  5. This is so moving and you have described the pain so aptly.
    I was going through comments and knew what it is about.
    I am so sorry sending you hugs my dear.
    And please stay safe and take good carr of yourselfβ€πŸ€—


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