Quirky (three poems)


          (My lovely quirky girls)

she is unusual and unexpected
in ways that may surprise you
or worst worries you

for that, you call her quirky

but her weirdness is her best asset
she stands out from the crowd
she is inspiring and memorable

still, you call her quirky

she is indeed quirky for
she is interesting and unique
in a most adorable way


She is not your average girl
Not even by far close to normal
She’s off-kilter
Her smile though
Is romantic
Promising and charming
It wrinkles up her face
And when it’s gone
You knew its hidden somewhere
You alone can find

She is not your average girl
Not even by far close to normal
She’s off-kilter
Her heart though
Is affectionate
Amiable but ambitious
It makes her vulnerable
And when she’s weak
You knew it’s her strength
You alone bring out the hero in her

Oh, how you love her just perfectly.


She doesn’t don’t know how to act
but with a sense of urgency

She doesn’t know how to care
without thinking too much and feeling too much

She doesn’t know how to be quiet and sit still and allow her mind to settle

She is always asking, experiencing, struggling and finding meaning

She is passionate and misunderstood of being finicky rather than simply striving for excellence

She is an artist, deep, creative
And not your average girl

For Kate’s Friday fun https://aroused.blog/2020/05/11/friday-fun-quirky/


  1. what a loving tribute to your delightful daughters!

    I totally applaud them for being individuals, being yourself is far more important than conforming to societal’s ‘norm’! And you are great parents for encouraging their individuality ❤

    Noticed they are all wearing HP shirts, yea!

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  2. Wao what a beautiful poem, perfectly describes a girl who is unique in her own and doesn’t fit in.Loved it because somewhere I could relate to her, beautiful beautiful.And what a lovely picture ❤❤


  3. Average and normal can be boring. 😉 I prefer quirky any day! 😀

    OH OH OH OH!!!! What a lovely poem and tribute to your beautiful daughters! Thank you for being the bestest mom to them! 🙂

    Being a mom and a teacher, I always wish for all kids to be able to 100% themselves and have parents who encourage that! It is one of my soapbox issues…but I won’t get on it now. Ha. I’ve just seen too many controlling, bossy parents who want their kids to become what they want for them or what they want them to be…when they should let their kids be true to themselves and live their lives.

    (((HUGS))) to you and to your daughters!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you Carolyn❤❤❤

      As a mom i believe i am here to simply guide and mold them into becoming the wonderful people my children will be. I do not impose. I only make them see and understand things and above all, i let them discover their own potentials and grow from where they are.
      I also encourage to discern things before even deciding..❤❤❤

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      1. All important! Yes, guide, teach, protect, mold…while allowing them to be who they are…each a unique person the world needs! 🙂
        And most important…be a good example/model for them. 🙂


      2. The last one i do agree with you 100%..i was sharing to Gina that learning to cook or cooking was never mandatory at home..but i just make sure they see me cook and help me prepare…so i was surprise when they actually lately learned how to cook themselves..😀😀😀

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  4. I love this so much!! Your love for them really shines through. And you KNOW them…that is so important as a parent to see your children for the individuals that they are and for them to know that. My four constantly remind me that they are their own little selves, my older 2 girls are experimenting with hair styles and outfits while my 2 younger boys are very vocal with expressing themselves (sometimes too vocal). You’re such a wonderful mom – I hope your girls know this!


    1. Thank you so much Irma..my girls know how much i love them because like you i gave up my career to be with them …and now that they are kinda growing up i have more time to start again.
      I could imagine your 2 boys being too vocal..and its good you have girls…they sure balance out the cute boys’ adrenalin rush.

      Keep safe in there Irma😊


  5. Happy Mother’s Day po ❤️❤️❤️

    Napakagagandang dilag naman po ng iyong mga binibini po Ma’am. Kitang-kita ang pag-aalagang husay at pagmamahal niyo po.


  6. What a sweet photo of your daughters!! 💜They sound like such amazing and quirky people (we’d probably make good friends, haha!), and your love for them makes my heart all warm! Great poem 🙂


  7. your children are truly blessed to have you as mum and are a blessing to amazing parents, they exude joy and warmth and thoughtfulness in every little action they do. wanna squeeze them so tight!


  8. As someone who has been called quirky, I have chosen to take it as an amazing compliment. May you girls continue to be quirky and see the world through their own eyes 💜


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