rain falls gently
like my own poetry
each drop, a syllable
a sweet verse of love

each one is a melody
of songs of thoughts
of dreams of ever after
and of love comforting

dead air silence
last drop of rain
a fading memory
of a distant promise

just memories
of many summers ago
then all is still
summer is still


  1. This is so beautifully crafted, Mich,
    simple yet profound
    like those raindrops
    soothing heart
    and so beautifully have you described your poetry in the form of rain.
    This is gorgeous Mich ❤


  2. Sa bawat linya ay parang ulan na dumidilig sa uhaw na puso.


    At umuulan na po dito…kaysarap pagmasdan at pakinggan animo’y mga batong kristal sa ganda.


  3. How this gentle rhythm was so needed today. It was hot and humid so rain would have been so welcome. Your words are almost like a contemplation. Wonderful!!


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