My Princess



For Sadje’s What do you See?


come sit with me

and let’s talk about

fairy tales and how

dreams do come true

that’s what we always do

in the afternoon

before sunset

just after

an afternoon nap

you told me

of how dreams

could come true

just willingly

use the power of

your imagination

you always say

it will help you create

ideas and thoughts

and beliefs

that other can’t

then plan and act

and take them with you

as you sleep

dream about it



it will happen

come sit with me dear

that’s what you always say

to me, back then as a little girl

running wildly

joyfully and playfully

skipping, hopping

from foot to foot

on the ground

then, I’ll sit beside you

and you’d  tell me

for so many times always

of how your own “fairy tale”

came true

and your  “dreams do come true”

happen, and it began

by the birth of a lovely

little cute baby girl

you fondly call

“my princess”



P. S

I loving memory of my father who made me believe in “happy endings”, in “fairy tales” and most especially in “dreams do come true”


  1. What better ode to your Father than this. The truth about a Father’s words is that you will always be a ‘Princess’ for him and for the Universe. A heartfelt thanks for writing so well


  2. Dreams… do come true Mich…. and your poems is garden seat of beautiful dreams……

    I’m an old dreamer Mich….

    Our Garden Seat

    Beyond where anyone can see
    Past the rain and pain
    I’m bathing in the Milky-way
    On the edge of the black sea
    Away from yesterday’s heat
    Under Eden’s golden tree
    There’s a comfy garden seat
    A resting place, for you and me


    1. Oh, Ivor thank you for sharing these lovely verses…they are so beautiful. It made me smile …and ponder of all my dreams i am yet to see happen..but i know in my heart…it will….soon..

      And yes, dreams do come true💓

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      1. I’ve been following ‘Milky Chance’, since I was in Philadelphia last year, and lovely niece Kerri , introduced me to his music….. his lyrics are outstanding….xx


      1. I was literally sobbing as i read it….you had the best and amazing relationship with your father ..and that “the day your siste got engaged after you were dump” …was epic and i can only imagine how your dad handled your crying and venting that time..


  3. This is so touching Mich. He must be really proud of you and always watching over you.
    You are a beautiful human being ❤🤗
    you beautifully described your emotions through the poem 😊❤


  4. The combo of that amazing photo and your precious poem brought the joy-tears to my eyes, SweetMich! 🙂

    Every child should have at least one person in their life like your Dad…and it is most wonderful if that person is the child’s dad and/or mom. Truly fortunate! 🙂

    I’m a “happily-ever-after….dreams do come true…, etc.” person, too. 🙂

    I feel like, through you and your poems, I’ve gotten to know your Dad and just thinking about him gives me smiles, hope, and the courage to keep moving forward.
    Thank you, SweetMich!
    Thanks you, SweetMich’s Sweet Dad!
    (((HUGS))) ❤ ❤ 🙂


    1. Thank you so much dad is an amazing father. I do have a special relationship with my mother too..she taught me the basics of life and what i am today as a mother myself was because of her. My mother and father are perfect “parent combo”..and because of that i say, i grew up to be a better person. Its my dad however who introduced me to reading and writing and all those creative stuff that’s why i always write about him..
      Mom if your reading…i’ll write ’bout you too soon…lol
      Thank you Carolyn for always, always leaving valuable insights..😚😚😚

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