You #writephoto #painted

For Sue


you painted my world
with perfect strokes
of beautiful rays
of sunshines
in my mornings
of verdant meadows
in my life’s landscape
with freshness
and sensitivity
you built
an impeccable bridge
of love and passion
of feelings and satisfaction
and for that
I love you
now and ever after

Published by michnavs

Poetry in motion is all about passion, openness, enthusiasm, truth, and reason. It nurtures, inspires and desires to empower women to use their voices and recognize their influence. It envision a vibrant and diverse blogsite  which creates and influence culture and faith.

61 thoughts on “You #writephoto #painted

  1. SIGH 🙂 So beautiful, romantic, and uplifting, SweetMich! A smile-bringer, for sure! 🙂
    Love is such an important and wonderful bridge!
    Oh, that people would build bridges and not walls.
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂


    1. Ahhhh…i agree Carolyn…i too hope that we all build bridges instead of walls…while at the same time keep and maintain those beautiful bridges we already built…

      Thank you always for your sweet comments.❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is soooo beautiful mich! 🤩 This poem is oozing with love. I especially like the line “an impeccable bridge
    of love and passion
    of feelings and satisfaction”, it was such a satisfying ending!


      1. Your poems do the exact same for me, mich!! 😉💖You too!

        And yep, it has! I’m now on my fifth day of school and it’s been really weird….everyone has to be one metre apart and I’ve forgotten how people look like without masks! I’m so glad to see my friends again tho ;)) How have you been?


      2. Still lockdown..we haven’t eased here yet…but we are hoping the boarders will open soon.
        One metre apart in the classroom would be to the delight of the teacher as i am sure no one will be talking while the teacher is discussing or copying from your seatmate too would be very
        Keep safe dear😊😊😊


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