I Pray #worship


(a pack of food given to a frontliner in the Philippines)


(lighted candles used by Christians to pray)Β 


(An old Catholic Church in the Philippines)


(A giant Murugan statue in Malaysia )




I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
some call for Allah
others bow down
in genuflect
for Jesus Christ
Buddha for the rest
is a symbol of
and that’s why
they run unto him
for reverence and devotion

I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
some pray five times
each day
others simply light
a candle
as they bow down
and pray
the rest meditate
to practice
inner reconditioning

I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
it doesn’t really matter
how we worship
if we call for Allah
Jesus Christ or Buddha
or whether we bow down
in prayer or
chant in meditation

We pray, with the hope
that we heal as one
one race
one humanity
one world


This is written for creative purposes only and based on my basic understanding of the different beliefs of the different religion mentioned; with no intention to malign or discredit any forms or religious beliefs

For Kate’s Friday fun https://aroused.blog/2020/05/23/friday-fun-worship/


  1. I absolutely ADORE this poem mich. I love how you have united all the different religions into one huge prayer. There is not really so much difference, except in the different names given to things. I join you in your prayer. Xx

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  2. absolutely perfect Mich … a nice blend of everyone with no offence caused!

    It’s as it should be, none are right or wrong … just that we have different inclinations, thanks so much ❀

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  3. True words of Reality, Mich and yes we all must pray to God to take care of his children and not man-made religions that teach you to believe that each and everyone’s God is superior. Let us awake and understand what God wants us to say and be One Humanity that has love and kindness.

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  4. Healing and soothing, I read it loud and felt peace.
    How beautifully have you included all the faith and the way we worship.
    I love you for writing this.
    One humanity, one world
    that’s what I dream of
    Much love to you
    Thank you for writing this

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    1. I am so happy it made you feel that way..may we all learn to accept and understand each other despite of our differences…

      Keep safe in there…sending you love ❀❀❀

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  5. Beautiful, wise, and encouraging, SweetMich!
    We must all care. We must all pray. We must all put hands and feet our prayers and be willing to be used to help others who so desperately need our help.

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  6. A wonderful poem! It saddens me that you felt the need for the disclaimer at the end. A sign of the times when so many are poised and ready to attack at any perceived slight. The truth is that there are more similarities than differences – we are one race and one world. Wish everyone would start acting like it!

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    1. Thank you for putting an emphasis on that Val. Some people are very senstive about certain things and i am just happy to have ones like you around who simply understands.
      I came from a country where people are divided politically and religiously and many have fallen victims over this. The current pandemic has even become more political and religious than a health issue.
      Though i agree with you that we have so many similarities than differences; but back home, its different.

      Thank you Val πŸ˜šπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡keep safe always


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