Tell Me


tell me,

tell me of something,

something I don’t know

or you may be failed 

to make me understand.

how can there be

no words to describe

the hurt,

the pain,

weighted upon 

my shoulders?

yet, I say

with great pride

and gratitude

I am better,


and wiser


the hurt

and amidst 

the pain



We can all be stronger and better despite all the challenges and difficulties we are facing.
Our world is currently on a pandemic because of COVID 19; and aside from that, there are other pressing issues. The ongoing outbreaks of riots in some cities in the US which resulted in damage to properties and physical violence. Some news organizations worldwide have also reported that there is a significant increase in the occurrence of domestic abuse during the lockdown. These are just a few of the many issues/problems our world is currently trying to win. And not to forget our own personal struggles and battles too. It can be very overwhelming but I am confident we will all get through it.


    1. Thank you kate..oh, those were from one of the places we visited in Bali…it was a breath taking view. And you can literally hear the splashing of the ocean water against that cliff.

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      1. I was actually telling the girls that we should go back because there is so much to explore in the island..i am kinda not the tech lady so i wasnt able to share those beautiful photos..but with the lockdown i was learning so i am able to retrieve them and i will be sharing more.😊😊😊

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      2. yea that’s great Mich that you’ve learnt a new skill and I love seeing others photos, makes the post a bit more personal 🙂


  1. These words really uplifted me during these trying times 😖❤ so thank you! Thr world really is changing so much, but it’s up to us if it’ll change for the better. This will all pass eventually~


      1. It really, really did!! It’s exam season right now and so it’s been pretty tough :(( But wordpress honestly cheers me up!!

        Stay safe too, mich! ❤️


  2. It all is coming to a head, all the high negativity is unearthing some terrible states of affairs. I pray for those who have abusive home lives as they have no relief. Probably more violence due to the close confinement of many as they can no longer tolerate each other in the same space. Blessings to all and peace out.


  3. It’s so overwhelming, layer on layer of stress–for individuals, groups everywhere. I never dreamed one virus could carry not just death, but far-reaching complications. I’m gripping my faith with both hands, praying a million prayers.


    1. I agree with you my dear..i am with you in your prayers….this virus has ignited and sparked up so many troubles among us…its no longer a health issue but has become political as well…

      Keep safe in there🤗🤗🤗


  4. We have a close family member who has been abused in the past. She got away for a few months when he dumped her but when back when he wagged his finger again. She won’t talk to us most of the time.


      1. The first time we supported her. When she went back and she told us to back off we told her if she ever wants to leave call. It was her decision so she has to live with it.


  5. The world is indeed going through a lot of chaos right now, and I hope that means we’ll come out on the other side changed for the better.

    P.S. Your photo is so pretty!


  6. Powerful, timely, and important, SweetMich! Thank you for sharing this poem you wrote, and for sharing your words to accompany your poem.

    We must all be willing to listen to others and what they go through…we must be willing to help…we must be willing to be a part of the positive changes that need to happen.

    As I’ve said before, I hope everyone who cares, and those who pray, will not just care and pray, but will, also, put feet and hands and hearts to their prayers and do positive, practical things to help.

    (((HUGS))) ❤


    1. Thank you Carolyn….i agree with you one must not only hope and pray .we should accompany it with actions to see results..

      We cans simply help those who lost their jobs during the lockdown..we have so many of them back home and its really heartbreaking..😇😇😇

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      1. You are welcome Mich and now cheer up because your father is always there with you till the very end. I felt the same when my mother passed away dear but after attending a training I was told by the speaker that they are always with us. Talk to them and say whatever you wish to they understand us clearly.


  7. In our world of instant sharing there are still too many secrets and some shame too I believe as to why so much prejudice and violence exists.

    May we learn and gain insight through many good lessons of this World pandemic.


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