An Angel and the Devil in Disguise #whatdoyousee

she told of a tale

in a faraway castle

’bout a damsel, in distress

how she loved him,

fell for his demons first

and vowed to forever

love ’till eternity

but he was his devil

she gave him reasons

to wanna have a halo

instead of a horn

he made her

want to see heaven

instead of hell

and oh,

how she affects his soul

she loves him unconditionally

and washed away the blood

of evil on him

her voice was soothing

more tempting than

a million passionate kisses

and her touch was softer than

a light feathered cotton

he could walk throughout of hell

and be the angel

he so long desired

will good prevail

or will love ever

be greater

than any evil

there is

such was her story

’bout an angel and

a devil in disguise

in a faraway land

where no man

can find






Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

(For visually challeneged reader, the image shows a castle at night, it’s turrets and towers reflecting moonlight. A cloudy sky can be seen in the backdrop.)

For Sadje’s


    1. Thank you Punam..i was actually thinking of something else when i was writing literal evil in human pretending to be good or masquerading over someone being good..

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  1. I loved this!! especially these details, so lovely and original:
    “her voice was soothing
    more tempting than
    a million passionate kisses
    and her touch was softer than
    a light feathered cotton”



  2. The story in this poem is expressed so vividly and with such emotion. I love it, Mich!
    True love CAN change people in such powerful and beautiful ways if the one loved will allow love to change them.
    I’m a happily ever after person…but I know that we can all have good and not-good in us…and with some people…the negative in them is so much stronger than the positive and even with someone loving them, they might never change. 😦
    I’ve always wanted to believe in the good in people, but I’ve been fooled by some people who were evil deep inside. 😦
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


    1. thank you so much Carolyn for always sharing your lovely thoughts here, that is why you were greatly missed when you were AWOL for a while …lol.. i too am a believer of seeing the good in even the worst situation and like you i believed true love can change people.

      thank you and sending you lots of love,,,

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  3. So many women fall for the “bad boy” image. Sadly there usually isn’t an angel inside but women insist on “rescuing” the dream. But that one angel trapped makes it seems like the danger is worth it…


  4. beautiful poem! thank you for sharing this wonderful masterpiece with us!☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me🥺🤍


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