Again (published in WOMAWORDS JUNE EDITION)

I am thrilled to announce that my poem “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an  International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS.

kindly go check the following links



P. S.

Thank you to Irma of


  1. YAY!! I am so glad you submitted and got chosen. I am so happy your talent is being internationally recognized. I will sit with you anytime, dear friend….


  2. Believing in goodness and listening to intuition. It is unfortunate that too many get used to hand outs and then complain when they don’t get them. One must remember to put oneself first in order to be able to offer aide, but then also learn the magic word ‘No’ when those who ‘mooch’ appear greedily. For them I would try a compromise like I could do this for you if you did this for someone else (or for me). The ‘Mooches’ must be taught that nothing is free and everything else however small is earned. Especially respect.


    1. Thank you Jules for sharing your thoughts which i really agree. Some people though dont get it or even understand, or maybe it can also be traced back to how they were raised and how they are as a member of their community.
      Keep safe in their Jules and we seemed to ease down on our restriction..

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