I Don’t Wanna Wait for Christmas #magic #security


“I don’t wanna wait for December

because every day with you is Christmas

you are my Christmas magic. “



Every day with you, is new and exciting and mysterious. There is color everywhere red, green, gold, the world is eye candy.

Love, passion and romance, and there’s aplenty everywhere. Couple this with decorations like snowflakes and glittery stars, {and it just makes me feel like grabbing your hand}.

Lovingly throwing snowballs at each other and making snow angels while star-gazing is indeed a romantic dream. We’ll have to go overseas for this one, or head to a nearby Snow City {or maybe no need at all, we can just revisit our inner child and have pillow fight instead}.

So, baby just sit beside me let’s build our Christmas tree and fill it up with lights and gifts and decors then sing me a Christmas carol.

{I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you}

I don’t wanna wait for Christmas magic, let’s make it happen.

Your love is my Christmas magic and it is my security blanket.

Nothing can harm me nor anyone can destroy me. Your love is what fills me in and I am every day in the comfort and security of your loving arms.

So, I don’t wanna wait for December and I don’t wanna wait for Christmas to say
“you are the best Christmas present ever”, then maybe we can kiss under our make – believed mistletoe.

Let’s have a Merry Christmas, my love, in July.


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Just You, Me, A Cup of Tea And Our Symphony #whatdoyousee

For Sadje’s What Do You See?




“you are a lovely melody
serenading my heart
in a plethoric symphony”


The sound of my life was ultimately jarring, clashing, rasping, and boring. It has the saddest refrain. But you, my love, was the missing piece; the percussion that beats my heart out {and melts my heart}, the string that lulls me to sleep {soothe me to bed}, the saxophone that vibrates deeply into my core {pulsates into my core}, and the violin that defines the symphony of my life {characterize the symphony of my life}.

And it never sounded this good.

In perfect harmony; in perfect serenity.

So, come sit with me my love and let’s have a quiet afternoon tea.

Let’s revel to the indulgence of our love.

Just you, me, a cup of tea and our symphony.

By the Meadow, Upon the Horizon #darkness#writephoto


there are two different versions of the poem, version 1 is on the happier side and version 2 is most likely on a sadder note


Version #1


by the meadow upon the horizon
I think of you in my fragmented memories
over my splintered forgotten dreams
and shattered broken promises
oh, how they made me smile
smile in relief,
smile, just smile


by the meadow, upon the horizon
I remember you, as nature’s sounds
mingle sweetly in my head
I hear the melody like a street band busking
playing our song, the song that was once
the anthem of our hearts
oh, how they made me cry
cry in joy,
cry, just cry


darkness unfolds, by the meadow
upon the horizon


then, there was you






Version # 2

by the meadow upon the horizon
I sat down and grieve over
our fragmented memories
our splintered, forgotten dreams
our shattered, broken promises,
oh, how my heart cries
in desperation


by the meadow upon the horizon
I sat down and weep as i
listen silently to the
sound of nature like a
street band busking, playing
our sweet, tender love song
our song that was once
the anthem of our souls
oh, how my heart sob
in hopelessness

darkness unfolds
by the meadow, upon the horizon

still, no sign of you




Maybe Someday

maybe someday I will be
your sweetest melody
soothing your lonesome heart
in splendid tranquility
serenading you
just, you

maybe someday I will be
your happiest thought
easing your anxiety
in times of despair
musing you
just, you

maybe someday we will be
writing together, 
a love poem duo
on a stopover
in a train station
to Paris

Maybe someday just you and I
by the train station
to Paris

in perfect serendipity.

Inspired by kate’s recent post “Notes” https://aroused.blog/2020/07/21/notes/

Just Like You

thunderstorms masquerade
as little raindrops pouring
creating a sweet tender lullaby
a rhythmical beating
a melody of nature
a comforting hymn
for lonely, lost souls
satisfying, memorable
combination of pitch
and rhythm
with a falling
and rising
up until it takes on
a higher note
slowly ascending
taking control
gaining power
soaring higher
’till it becomes
one loud noise
one big bang
a raging storm
is born

just like you


It’s a fine morning from my side of the world. I just finished my usual morning yoga and a couple of strength and toning exercise. After a cup of tea, I went for a short rest and I came across some heartwarming feature stories about neighbors and what they do to each other during the pandemic.  It warms my heart to know that kindness and compassion are still alive among us especially during these trying days. One of the stories I’ve read is about a group of neighbors who decided to take turns in going to the supermarket to buy their supplies, this way, they limit the number of people going in and out of the neighborhood and the frequency of going to the supermarket as well. This also is another way of easily tracking down people. And it went on smoothly until restrictions were eased down.

As I finished my reading I notice a chain of conversation from a group chat back home. They were talking of how one particular neighbor just went his way into the house of another neighbor yelling and shouting and asking them to live the community. Apparently, the said house had a family member who just arrived and with clear quarantine certificates proving he is not COVID 19 positive thus, he has all the right to live a normal life in the neighborhood. Sadly, this was not the case in that particular community. Some local community officials have to take over to control the situation.

Someone from the group chat said that she was surprised to witness the rage of that person as she used to be a very gentle, kind, and calm. Has the pandemic changed her? Or did the pandemic triggered her true self to be revealed? Or maybe, she was after all really a war- freak, just so good in hiding and keeping it and masquerading as a gentle, kind, and calm friendly neighbor.

We never know. What we know is, the pandemic has changed our lives and the way we live.

So if you need emotional support to process your anxiety, don’t hesitate to seek help. Or if you know of someone who is suffering from anxiety, find a way to reach out. 


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Michelle #fridayfun

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

“your other self could be just right there where you are, waiting to emerge, be careful though as you might not like to reveal it”
M – Merry, abundant joy
I -Influential, your thoughts have weight
C – Calm, your presence is comforting
H – Happy, a joy to have around
E – Eloquent, the gift of expression
– Laidback, not sweating the small stuff
L – Light-hearted, you have an easy laughter
E -Energetic, an indefatigable spirit


( a lovely, acrostic poem given by one of my high school students many years ago)



I will tell you a story, and let me begin by saying my name is Michelle; Michelle from the Beatles song. Obviously, my father was a super Beatles fan, that he named his firstborn daughter, Michelle. My mother used to say that, my papa would sing me the song to tuck me to bed or to make me stop crying. And so I grow up listening and singing to the song alongside my father. Yes, again I too have become a Beatles fan myself. Do I have the choice then? Maybe no. But I learned to love the melody and eventually learned the lyrics. And it is for me, the greatest love song ever was written. It has my name on it, why not?
My father would repeatedly tell me the story of how the song was born. According to him, John Lennon invited McCartney over to college parties when he was still in high school, and French culture was a trend. Paul would try to fit in by pretending to be French. He would play little tunes in French, but he actually only knew a few French words so he would make up words. John told him that he should make it into a real song.  So he asked his friend Ivan Vaughan, whose wife was a French teacher, for a French name and some words to rhyme with it. Vaughan came up with “Michelle, ma belle.” McCartney then came up with the next line, “These are words that go together well,” and Vaughan taught him the French translation, which he used in the song as well. When he played it for Lennon, John suggested the “I love you” to be part of the middle verse.
My father would then add, “this was not based on any particular woman, they chose the name because it sounded good, and I chose this name for you because it fits perfectly your angelic face, you look so good as a baby, and so I thought, what better way to call you than, Michelle
“I love you, I love you, I love you
That’s all I want to say
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that
You’ll understand”
Well, my dad would sing me the chorus all the time, especially if I did so well in my class, at home, or even playing scrabble and crossword puzzles with him. I was the happiest little girl who never run out to play outside the house. I was the happiest girl who at 5 years old enjoyed playing scrabble with an adult. Yes, again I was not your typical little girl then. But I was very happy. They said, I never had tantrums. Who will have tantrums if you have a father who tells you how much he loves you over and over in a song, all the time, every day? 
But hold on, there is the flip side of the story.
I say I wasn’t your perfect little girl though. I had my share of naughtiness and playfulness. My father would put up to that or even tolerate me for being naughty most of the time, but again, there is the “but”, only up to a certain limit. I was very naughty that I’d push the limits too sometimes or maybe I was just so confident I wouldn’t get a dose of my medicine, so to say. (After all, I am a daddy’s little girl)
My father is probably the kindest human being you will encounter. He never yells, nor shout. He’d talk to you in a very calm voice even if when he is already mad. And so because of that, we wouldn’t even know if he was mad or simply being nice.
Well, not exactly. I knew for sure he is mad, particularly on me if and when he calls me “Mikaela”
While, Michelle for him is his loving, obedient, kind, and well-mannered daughter, the “Mikaela” is his naughty, sometimes stubborn mischievous child. He can tolerate my behaviors except for one thing; I have the habit of not finishing my food. And so he would calmly say “Mikaela, babaunin mo as higaan and pagkain kapag di mo inubos yan” (Mikaela, you will bring the food in your bed when you sleep if you don’t finish that.) And I never dared challenge him on that because the first and last time I did, he really put the food beside me while sleeping.
And so growing up was like that. The nice me is “Michelle” and the naughty me is “Mikaela”, but it was only my father who has the authority and the power to use that name on me. Well, not really by now, my siblings and my mother would do so by now, if they want to tease me and make me cry for missing our father who passed away already.
What’s in it for a name? A lot, especially if it has made you see both sides of the world.
“Hush now Michelle, end this before you even begin to cry”…
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If #whatdoyousee

if I change my ways,
will you then set me free?
from this cage so small
tied down and trapped?

if I promise I won’t run away
will you tell me something gay
will you free me from this bondage?
or will you just keep me in a cage?

If I try harder to live independently
will you give me my sweet, ultimate freedom?

– says the mouse trapped in the basket, like a pet-


Image credit- Pixabay- S Hermann and F Richter

( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a tiny mouse sitting in a wicker basket. There are a couple of grocery lists and some dry pantry items in the background)

For Sadje’s  What Do You See? https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/07/20/what-do-you-see-39-20-july-2020/

In My Dreams #glisten #writephoto



(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a twilit beach, the sea shimmering in the low light. There are rocky islets silhouetted against the water and what might be a figure, running towards…or away from the waves.)



a sparkling light reflected
upon my dreams
as I chase you down
the crashing tides
the raging waves
my heart keeps racing
as my troubled thoughts
began to settle
upon the sight
of your reflection,
just a reflection
of a memory
for in my sleep
a light glistens
a reality awakens
that you remain
a figment in my dreams
a shadow in the dark
a memory in the past
and never my reality