My World

the world
mine kept goin’
armed with
my mighty pen
and divergent mind
I perceived my world
in a new and different way
finding new patterns
making new connections
turning ideas into reality
making dreams come true

when the
whole world
was grieving
I dared not,
for so many reasons
and the best of
that many reasons
is you
my muse,
my poetry,
my world, and
the love of my life



Many of us have been devastated by the current worldwide pandemic brought about by COVID 19.  some lost their jobs, others were lockdown, while others lost a loved one over the disease or a survivor themselves, but I believe that if there is one common ground that we all share right now is the sad reality that we are apart from our loved ones, friends and even relatives. The strict social distancing policy as part of prevention stops us from seeing or meeting relatives and friends anytime. Unfortunately for others, they have been separated by distance and are unable to travel back home.

This pandemic will run down the history of humanity in as far as it can be recorded. And as devastating as it is, we should not allow this to topple down our spirits, enjoy our lives and have fun with people around us, or in short simply make the most of what we have at the moment, and who we have around.

I have not seen my daughters for months now because of the pandemic, and to say that I miss them is already an understatement because what I feel right now, no amount of words in the dictionary would best fit in to describe.  But nevertheless, life goes on, and we have so many reasons to go on with our lives and make the most out of our current situation.

How am I coping during this pandemic? How I enjoy and have fun with my life in a way most people don’t?

Here are  simple ways you can enjoy and have fun, starting today: (Linking to kate’s Friday Fun –

1. Improve your Craft

What are you good at? Cooking? Writing? Painting? Anything that you believed you are good at but just never had the chance to practice and improve due to some obligations and responsibilities that you were committed before the pandemic. If you are a good cook, maybe its time you start a food delivery business. I know of some friends who did that during the pandemic. And they were doing well so far, obviously because people would rather stay at home and order food. Simple to complex menu and dishes are already being ordered and delivered nowadays. If you are a creative person, maybe its time to master your art. There are available online classes that can help you hone your craft.

I turned this pandemic into my greatest advantage, as I have enough time to write. It was during this time that I had made a few international submissions of my poems and have gotten published. If not for the pandemic, I would honestly not have the same opportunity in terms of “time”

2. Just Relax

Find a way to relax and reconnect with ourselves and our inner identity.  Who knows you might actually have already lost your real identity  ( you were so busy dreaming the dreams of other people and chasing career opportunities that were not actually meant for you. So, maybe its time to relax and take a moment to get to know yourself again.

3. Avoid Watching/Reading the News.

There are so much drama and hype online and even offline about the current pandemic. Watching it and following the news every single day, won’t do you good, rather it will add up to your anxiety and will eventually prevent you from being productive.

4. Create Positive Relationships

Make sure you have time to reconnect to people who are making a positive impact on your life. It’s time to identify the ones creating a positive impact and the ones giving you the negative impact, then maybe, nurture those positive relationships and let go of the ones who aren’t doing you good or helping you become a better person.

5. Make a Wish List

Whenever you want to do something, try a new thing, visit a new place, or even simply look for your long lost friend, write it down. Making a list of the things we want and we desire will fuel our hopes that one day we will be able to do it. It makes us dream. And dreams, no matter how big will eventually come true if accompanied by hard work, determination, and proper motivation.

10. Be Active

If you are not a fitness enthusiast, then maybe it’s time you become one. Try yoga, run around your neighborhood, do strength, and toning exercise at home. All these are available online for beginners like you who want to try for the first time. No matter what we say, we all know exercise is and will always be good for our health and our total well being.

11. Be Grateful Always

The pandemic is devastating, yes it’s true. But, there are other things in life that we should be thankful for and grateful for.  Just give thanks, always.

12. Remember Everything Has Its End

The major factor in enjoying life is to accept the fact that no matter what we do and no matter how much we try, some things and circumstances are beyond our control. And so it is important also to remember that the pandemic like anything else will also have its end. We are faced with a very challenging situation, but remember that life is one big cycle of ups and downs.

13. Allow Yourself to be Joyful

I have heard so many people complain about the difficulties of life, and yet they allow themselves to be involved in the drama of life. Maybe it’s time to enjoy a calm, life. Give yourself the chance to enjoy a drama-free life and focus on the simple joys of life every day.


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  1. Dear Mich, wow, to be separated from one’s kiddos would be difficult indeed… did you write a post about it and if so can you drop a link to it here, for I would love to read more. I am having issues since separated from my aging father, but that is different of course. Anyway, lovely poem and inspiration, thanks for sharing!! 🙏 💛💞


    1. Hello Lia, to be away from our loved ones is really difficult. No amount of words can best fit in to that feeling.
      how is your dad? my father passed away 10 years ago but remembering him and missing him is still painful today as it was the day he died. I wrote several poems about him back in May of 2017. All of my poems then were for my father. .. this one i recently wrote for my children

      thank you so much for dropping by..Have a nice day and keep safe always

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah yes okay I read that one. Lovely. I do not know the backstory. But yes it is very difficult to feel helpless in the face of being separated. Hugs and kudos for all the words.


  2. Inspiring and motivating us. A poet who takes care of the others while standing besides them. Wonderful lines Mich. Touched by your mighty sword.


    1. Thank you dear Kritika.. we are so lucky to be part of this wonderful community of writers in wordpress who are really very kind and generous in providing us with the kind of encouragement that we need.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True that is. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art. Love the way you weaved and wrote about it from the heart. 🙂
        Stay Safe.


  3. How old are your daughters, Mich? This is a great post with heart-deep words, and good advice about how to find the blessings in this strange season. Life is all about attitude, and where we find our identity and security–no matter what the world’s climate, or our circumstances. To know that we belong to the Sovereign God who cares for us, and will bring good out of everything–no matter how bad things look–that is something to be grateful for. We are challenged to seek Him and see his blessings–and then share them with everyone; that’s what you and I do! Much love, Rhen ❤


    1. Hello there Rhen..i have a 24 yr old, 21, 18 and my youngest is 16. They are very responsible young adults. And the pandemic just brought out the best in them..i am happy to see how responsible they are

      And yes, with God’s grace, we will always be able to emerge victorious…we just have to believe and do the right things..

      Thank you and keep safe always..


      1. You’re so welcome–and thank you for sharing about your children! You look WAY TOO YOUNG to have children of those ages!! Much love, Rhen ❤


    1. Thank you too kate…i was thinking of writing a funny post and push my “humor” but i can’t so i realized we don’t really need to be funny to be fun…so why not share my fun world during this pandemic.
      I love how your prompts challenge my creativity always..

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful poem and such an inspirational post. I’m far away from my family too. My stories and poems and that of other bloggers is what’s making this period tolerable


  5. This pandemic really brought out the best of your poetry, Mich! You channelled your pain and heartbreak so creatively and beautifully. You are such an inspiration to all of us. 🤗❤️🥰


  6. Knowing that you are separated from your beautiful daughters makes me so sad, SweetMich. 😦 (My kids are far from me, too, so I can relate.) It is my GREATEST wish that you can be back with your daughters soon! 🙂

    The advice you give is perfect and it works! I’ll keep doing all of these things as best I can. And when I get weary, I will think of you and your beautiful spirit and smile…and I will push forward!!! 🙂 You will be my inspiration! 🙂

    ❤ , Thank Yous, and (((HUGS))) 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you so much Carolyn….it warms my heart. Your lovely comments and encouraging words are really something i always look forward to here …i am honored and happy to be a part of this wonderful community of writers in WP.

      Keep safe and we keep on praying we all have a grand reunion and homecoming.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. your poem sets the mood, I cant feel bad after reading those lines, it’s honest and plain. and love the list you have, so much we can do if we just put our minds to it. The encouragement you give is priceless and so appreciated. Though you were away form your girls you still mothered them with the same love and attention. Truly admirable Mich.


    1. Thank you so much Gina. i have heard and read stories of depression and distressed over the course of the pandemic, some were separated from their loved ones while others were victims of the virus itself, and as much as i really feel them, i believe it is worth sharing my own journey too and how i am coping gracefully and without going down the lane of depression.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. different people coped differently – that is cliched but true, reading another’s personal journey helps us see the light at the end of a tunnel knowing we are not alone in all this. you are brave to share your heart


  8. It is the personal touch that we miss so much… I hope you get to see your daughters soon.
    I’ve been able to see my grands… just for limited times. Zoom meetings are helpful but the lack of touch is a great loss – not to dwell on but to reconsider how to connect.

    Avoiding much of the misinterpreted news media is one good way to proceed. Helping others is also a good distraction. I’ve been using my garden veg. And the other day I cleaned out one of my many desks!

    We write because we breathe and only hope that our words can bring comfort to someone else. As yours have done I am sure for everyone who has read them.

    Be well and keep up your glowing spirit 😀


    1. Thank you so much Jules for your kind words.

      I agree that what makes separation harder is the lack of touch. We miss that special kind of connection touch can bring to us. A simple tap on the shoulder to say its fine can go a long way.

      I am also very excited to see a lot of us here not only writing but doing something they havent done for a long while

      Thank you and i hope you are well..

      Liked by 1 person

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