Just You, Me, A Cup of Tea And Our Symphony #whatdoyousee

For Sadje’s What Do You See?




“you are a lovely melody
serenading my heart
in a plethoric symphony”


The sound of my life was ultimately jarring, clashing, rasping, and boring. It has the saddest refrain. But you, my love, was the missing piece; the percussion that beats my heart out {and melts my heart}, the string that lulls me to sleep {soothe me to bed}, the saxophone that vibrates deeply into my core {pulsates into my core}, and the violin that defines the symphony of my life {characterize the symphony of my life}.

And it never sounded this good.

In perfect harmony; in perfect serenity.

So, come sit with me my love and let’s have a quiet afternoon tea.

Let’s revel to the indulgence of our love.

Just you, me, a cup of tea and our symphony.


  1. Love is the sweetest symphony! Cheers for this poem – the imagery delights the mind’s eyes and ears.

    (PS – sorry if this is a double post. WP is giving me trouble today.)


  2. “So, come sit with me my love and let’s have a quiet afternoon tea.” This was an amazing part! It made me a wistful longing for the old days with my bestfriend. How I wish we could have a cup of tea together again. It was indeed a better place since she came along. πŸ˜”


    1. Thank you. I am glad it resonated on you at some level. I wish you and your bestfriend would have tea again …maybe in time who knows…
      Let me know when that happens..😊


    1. That would be really wonderful Punam.if i have the chance i’d travel all over and meet all of you..kate, Irma, Ivor, Jena, Jules, Val, Carolyn and other lovely fellow WP writers.

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