Love Letter (A rewrite)



“Never did I ever receive a love letter in a scented paper in a heart-shaped
envelope from you, but ours could top the greatest love story ever


your handwriting may not at all be easy to read
but you write with great measures and  surprises instead
always, almost a perfect Hallmark Valentine’s card
not copy-pasted all original; sweet and endearing indeed


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


you spent hours thinking,  and writing over again just to say
that your first kiss was so blissful it makes you fall  and stay
that the thought of it makes your legs felt like jelly at stray
such as love’s effect on you, so true but cliche


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


oh, how time flies by so fast,  your pens and papers are no longer at stake
no drafts, no rewrites, no humiliations for heaven’s sake
for now, you can click on and just press send or take
whatever is forwarded by a friend, “just a piece of cake”


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


gone are the days of scented papers and colored pens
sent through the backdoors or through one of your friends
‘Twas silly but fun; with all those letters in heart-shaped envelopes
for your beloved, from you  an expression of love from a distance


a forgotten expression;
but not a forgotten love


P. S.

A rewrite for Sadje’s Monday Photo Prompt




Thank you, dear readers, for the 5 stars😍😍😍


A few words from my readers.


    1. Ah, thanks Kritika.. yes, i miss those days too when letters are written and sent thru snail mails and you know that so much love and effort have been put on it before it even reach you..

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  1. Your ”love letter”, made me simultaneously, smile and cry tears of liquid joy……. I supposed you guessed anyhow…. I was the proverbial love letter writer… beautifully done Mich…..✉💘💘💌


  2. ah the old fashioned love letters …. think I may have kept two, must find them to smile a while 🙂 Nicely written Mich, so romantic!

    Congrats on the book reviews, well done!


      1. sounds a bit like mine at the moment, super slow but at least it’s stopped cutting out so frequently! A new company bought my original provider out so may have to change …


  3. What a beautiful write….”Gone are those days of scented papers and colored pens/sentg through backdoors or one of your friends”….Nothing could be blissful than this! Made we want to be young again and re-create those days of love-letters! Beautiful write!


  4. Mich, you capture beautifully the gone-by era of love letters, the very scent of the envelopes, the colour of the paper, the deep and careful thought about every word! Reminds me of a couple of boxes of love letters from a boyfriend when I was in my early twenties whichI have kept in the loft. He lived part of the time across in America, me here in England – those letters were a lifeline, each reread endlessly at the time! A click and send in today’s world is just not the same!


    1. Awwww…so sweet….i could imagine you having them for a long time…and yes Anika, they are priceless and incomparable to today’s hightech emailed loveletters. I remembered too being told that the penmanship speaks so much of the person’s character. So i was very keen about it too..

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  5. Nostalgic memories you have created in your wonderful poem, Mich. I still love to write and whenever I can write my poems on a piece of paper and keep it enclosed in a book to read later and hand written notes too. So sweet poem.


  6. I love the love letters. I like texts too, but the actual pen-and-paper letters, there’s just something special about them. Elderly people who have been quarantined in rest homes have been requesting pen pals, lately.


  7. Oh, what a beautiful write, SweetMich!
    And the photo is so sweet!
    Yes, the love is never forgotten. 🙂
    I always enjoy love letters, notes, cards. But I, also, find love-calls, love-texts, and love-comments on WP to be wonderful, too! 😉
    HUGS!!! ❤ 🙂


  8. This is lovely, Mich! I was just reading through the comments. It’s great to have the worldwide reach we do with electronic media, but to receive a handwritten card, or better still, a letter has become something very rare and precious.


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