Life Without You

’twas lonely out there, out in the ocean

over the moonlight, under the coconut tree

with waves splashing, crashing unto the shore

and the sea breeze catches up upon my face

i can taste the saltiness of the sea

then i remembered you

i remembered you and many summers ago

twas many summers ago

on the beach, like anyone else

you taught me life’s important lesson

of survival, from swimming

it isn’t just about bad tan lines,

having raccoon eyes and early mornings

not even just about records, gold medals and best times

i never learned how to swim though,

no matter how i tried

no matter how you tried. 

that night, taught me the fundamentals of living

and critical things i needed to survive life

survive life, without you 


’twas many summers ago,

and many years i know, that you said

i will be just right there, up upon the moonlight

under the coconut tree, among the crashing and splashing waves

proudly watching you, learn to swim

as you navigate life,

life without me.



for kate’s Friday Fun


  1. This is so beautiful and gently heartfelt.

    I love the rhythm of this line: “with waves splashing, crashing unto the shore” It has such a good feel. It makes me want to read that line out loud just to feel how it sounds (haha! If that makes sense.)


      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 And yes. I may have read it out loud. 😆

        This whole year has been all sorts of crazy, but I’m doing very good. I’ve been busy at work and busy keeping my story in motion. I have so many parts planned in my head that I’m looking forward to writing, especially the whole final showdown with Mark Caten and Ambrose. That whole scene is going to be mad crazy chaotic with several plotlines all merging together. But! If I do it right, it will be so amazing and satisfying for both myself and the reader. I think it will give me the same high I got when I wrote Ambrose’s whole wedding scene. So many things led up to that point. So many details. So many subplots. That when Ambrose finally got in the car to head to the church, I was like “😲 Is this happening? Is this really, finally happening?”

        As for why I don’t appear on your reader, huh. Did you accidently unfollow me?


      2. Wow, thank you for the updates….i am not sure of i did accidentally unfollow you..i will now go and check…

        Thank you for visiting..been wondering what ‘s up with you..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a beautiful poem! I love the lines “i never learned how to swim though,/ no matter how i tried/ no matter how you tried.” then the turn where you focus on what you did learn. Learning the most important things. Bravo!


  3. Sweet AND heart-touching, Mich!
    Sometimes, even with parents, siblings, partners, etc, who love us…we have to learn to swim alone.
    And it’s so wonderful when we take the things that were modeled for us, taught to use, etc., and use them to navigate our lives. They might be gone from us, but they are still with us. Helping. Loving. Encouraging. Etc.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I so agree with you Carolyn..they will always be in our heart and in our memories…they will always be remembered through all the things and lessons in life that they taught us..

      Happy week end..😍😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

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