Seasons of Love

seasons of love

Without meaning to lie, they will teach you half-truths: they will tell you love is sweet only in the summers of one’s youth.

They will tell you love is real if, and only if, it survives the harshest winters.

They will tell you love must die like autumn leaves in order to be beautiful. They will tell you “don’t trust spring — because the flowers in the breeze are not worth the threat of rain.” They will tell you these things because they have learned nothing.

At its truest form, love is a study in seasons.

Love is as much the huddle for warmth when the weather is cold, as it is the sweat on your back when it’s time for the sun.

It is afternoon peace, when you welcome the night with its stars and its chill; but it is also bravery, when you’re given the promise of morning but can’t be given the promise of a gentle morning.

Love is magical, love is mystical, and it is whimsical too; you can even ask my crystal ball…

For kate’s Friday – Fun

and Eugenia’s weekly prompt

You Are Home

there are many ways to make the world good
the ones that we know most of
are exciting and impressive
world leaders, scientific innovators,
inspired thinkers, and selfless doers
but there are other ways
to make the world good; quieter ways
making a home
where good people can grow
is perhaps the most rewarding one

in the warmth of my palm
and in the comfort
of my love
you are home

in the warmth of my palm
and in the comfort
of my love
you are home

written for Sadje’s

Unlike Anyone Else

I kept your love
close to my heart
and held gently in my hand
in the tenderness of my palm
in the comfort of my body
I love you, unlike anyone else
or anything else
it is with the same love
that I hope they will love you back
love you back for all of the many good reasons
like when they wake up in the morning
with all, of the glorious morning sunshine
bathing them all over
and upon that same sunshine
rain slowly drizzle
giving life to all and everyone
and when its over,
a touch of colorful rainbow
gaze upon them
giving them hope
for a better and brighter day
and even with the thunderstorms
and floods and earthquakes
that may soon come,
they will still love you
and hold you gently
in their loving arms
knowing that one day
one day soon
it will surely be over
and once again
love will be uniquely shared
for now,
until then,

I love you gently
in the tenderness of my palm
in the comfort of my body
unlike anyone else
unlike anything else

I love you gently
in the tenderness of my palm
in the comfort of my body
unlike anyone else
unlike anything else

Inspired by the prompts of:

for Kate’s

and Eugi’s

In Your Eyes

I felt your pain
your agonizing pain
among the creases in your forehead
in between the blinking of your eyes
and even as your bedimpled face smiles
the smile I always remembered
gentle and sweet
tugs the heartstrings of my soul
lulls me to sleep and
tucks me to bed
but your pain
your pain
I can feel
keeps me awake
all through the night
and even with my eyes closed
I still see it
I see your pain
In your eyes

when you smile

I want to be the reason
you smile with your eyes

What Do You See

For Sadje’s What Do You See

Because You Love


I found the most brilliant stars
the gloriously bright sunshine
and the boldest colors of rainbows
in your eyes, in your smile
and in all that you do

you are my loveliest melody,
my sweetest poetry
and my warmest story

you glow, you shine
because you love


Let’s pause for a moment and think of our loved ones amidst the chaos and drama of the pandemic.

I Love You

I loved you then, and I love you now
and I will love you even when I am gone
even when I am gone
I will be among the autumn leaves
gently and graciously falling on the grounds
I will be among the flowers, the bees, the butterflies
and the trees around, watching over as you
unravel the vastness of the universe
wandering without me
and wondering about me
but know that every scent you smell,
is every breath I take
every hum you hear is
every whisper of my “I love you”
every color you see
is every smile I make
and every shade you walk in
is every embrace I gave
and when I find my way back to you again
I will cling unto you every single moment,
every single moment
I will hold on to you so tight
that nothing, and no one
will ever break us apart
not even death itself
not even death itself
for now my love, I will be
your light blazed in the solitude of your heart
giving vibrant shades of colors in your life
moving, dancing, flowing
in perfect love motion
and you would marvel at how love is
that nothing could ever beat this moment,
this one moment
that we are together
a moment of love
a moment of eternal bliss

written for:

kate’s Friday – Fun

Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt

I’d Paint You A Life

if I can create a life for you, I will paint
you a life of many colors in different strokes
I’d first color it red, for I want
it filled with love and passion
of prosperity and happiness
with lots of good luck too
then I’d splash a bit of orange
to make your life more vibrant and energetic
and since it is the color of autumn,
it will be a constant reminder to you
of the promise of a new life and a new beginning
that autumn brings, wouldn’t that be wonderful?
yes, it is dear, as that’s how much I love you
and oh, by the way, I’d put a dash of yellow too
to bring sunshine and happiness to you always
for what is life if you will not be happy all the time
my painting sounds magical and whimsical
but I guess, that’s just how it is my love,
for I love you with all the magic in the world
I’d probably sprinkle some cool colors too
like green, blue, and purple
they are the colors of night,
of water, of nature,
and are usually calming, relaxing
because at the end of the day
I wish you peace, love, and solitude
even in the silence of your heart
and in the comfort of wherever
the world will bring you,
and when at night you go to bed my love
you will be reminded that life,
your life is more colorful
and meaningful
with me around
for what else is life
if not shared with the ones
who makes it more vibrant
more colorful
and more meaningful
but for now, let me put my brush at rest
and see what tomorrow’s color maybe.

P. S

I will be very slow in reading and commenting to all of your posts. My internet connection from where i am right now is really very frustrating. Navigating from one site to the other or simply downloading documents is really a struggle.

i miss my regular engagement and interaction with you all.

keep safe everyone…

Who Murders Halloween?

It wasn’t long ago that trick and treating

was so much fun, where kids gather hanging

around the streets with their specialized masks on

creatively made by their doting moms for this occasion

as their annoyed dads yelled over and complained  

for a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked.

It wasn’t long ago that homes were opened widely

for these adorable little ones, joyfully and happily

wanting to gather as many candies and sweets as they can

counting every bit of pieces, as a certain kid named Joann

is heard crying over a lost piece of candy or a stolen chocolate

from the notoriously naughty boy around, who is always late.

It wasn’t long ago, that masks were worn for fun,

for enjoyment, and for creating special bonds with everyone

it could be a friend, a loved one, or just a random fellow

on a party, on any occasion, on a bone fire with marshmallow

but mostly to put a smile on every child’s face in a voice so upbeat

knocking at your doors shouting at the top of their lungs “trick or treat”.

It wasn’t really long ago, because for now, this year maybe

it will all be just a memory not so long ago, we say

masks will still be worn every moment everywhere but not to have fun

or do trick or treat, but to combat a virus that kills like a gun

murdering excitement, enjoyment, and amusement in Halloween

he who truly scares destroys and ends fun in Halloween.

P. S.

When I think of Orange, (color) I think of Halloween. So this poem is posted and inspired by kate’s Friday Fun – Orange

And Eugenia’s weekly prompt/photo: an orange giant pumpkin house – normally used to adorn homes and streets during Halloween

The World As We Know It #whatdoyousee

i walk through the midst

of white fitted jungle

bone -dry, moisture less

desert land stretching eternally

for miles and miles

the intense heat of the sun

blazes on me, as the

blue sky watches me down,

time stood still

feeling the only

creature with heart beating

upon the heat,

i felt the warmth

of the world enveloping

my being,

i walk alone

alone no more.

the world as we know

may have turned into a desert,

barren, dull, dreary

bare, arid and dry

but with our hearts beating collectively as one,

one humanity, one soul

one spirit, one hope,

one love

the world as we know it

will be just right back


written for Sadje’s

Safe Haven #fridayfun #treeoflife


Safe Haven



the spattering and splashing of the waves from the ocean striking and surging, every movement

is like the rushing and rustling mess in my head, comes back bigger and greater with every


and as I lay my head unto your chest

I listened carefully to the silent beating of your heart

I am in a placid state, undisturbed, unruffled, wave less

you wrap your zealous arms around me

in a tender whisper you say “rest now, my love, keep still”

there, in your loving arms, I found my sweetest and safest haven


how do we heal  amidst all the chaos and turmoil in our lives right now? how do we mend our broken hearts, our broken dreams and promises? we find healing in the comfort of our loved ones, in the arms of those who understand, those who care: they are our source of strength, our reason to believe in love and in hope. our family, our loved ones, our partners, our children, our parents, our siblings, our friends, our relatives and even the ones we see everyday who continue to fight and survive. and just like a tree we stand tall and firm, deeply rooted, unmindful of the raging storm. 


things have been very tough lately, so i will be very slow with reading and responding to all of your posts and comments, but i will be back with my usual blogging/writing mode as soon as i am settled.

we pray for the world to heal as one.

Written for and inspired by the prompts of Kate and Eugi