The World As We Know It #whatdoyousee

i walk through the midst

of white fitted jungle

bone -dry, moisture less

desert land stretching eternally

for miles and miles

the intense heat of the sun

blazes on me, as the

blue sky watches me down,

time stood still

feeling the only

creature with heart beating

upon the heat,

i felt the warmth

of the world enveloping

my being,

i walk alone

alone no more.

the world as we know

may have turned into a desert,

barren, dull, dreary

bare, arid and dry

but with our hearts beating collectively as one,

one humanity, one soul

one spirit, one hope,

one love

the world as we know it

will be just right back


written for Sadje’s


      1. We do indeed. Sometimes prayer is all we have. At least we have that though. Stay strong. We are all together in this. Interconnected ❀️


  1. You’ve captured how we feel, SweetMich!
    AND you give us hope! Must hang on to the hope.
    When it is all behind us, I hope humanity is better than before…that we’ve grown, have more compassion, patience, remember what the important things in life are, more appreciative of our world, the people in our world, etc.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

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  2. So hopeful….This line is a good reminder: “the world as we know it will be just right back” although I’m hoping that the world will be back but better than before considering we not only have been dealing with the pandemic but also amplification of social and racial justice. Hope you are doing well, dear friend!

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  3. I can only imagine what the encyclopedic or dictionary definitions for this year will be like…
    I do wish included in that entry could be all the good stories of people helping each other during this stressful time.
    Stay safe, hugs, Jules


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