Who Murders Halloween?

It wasn’t long ago that trick and treating

was so much fun, where kids gather hanging

around the streets with their specialized masks on

creatively made by their doting moms for this occasion

as their annoyed dads yelled over and complained  

for a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked.

It wasn’t long ago that homes were opened widely

for these adorable little ones, joyfully and happily

wanting to gather as many candies and sweets as they can

counting every bit of pieces, as a certain kid named Joann

is heard crying over a lost piece of candy or a stolen chocolate

from the notoriously naughty boy around, who is always late.

It wasn’t long ago, that masks were worn for fun,

for enjoyment, and for creating special bonds with everyone

it could be a friend, a loved one, or just a random fellow

on a party, on any occasion, on a bone fire with marshmallow

but mostly to put a smile on every child’s face in a voice so upbeat

knocking at your doors shouting at the top of their lungs “trick or treat”.

It wasn’t really long ago, because for now, this year maybe

it will all be just a memory not so long ago, we say

masks will still be worn every moment everywhere but not to have fun

or do trick or treat, but to combat a virus that kills like a gun

murdering excitement, enjoyment, and amusement in Halloween

he who truly scares destroys and ends fun in Halloween.

P. S.

When I think of Orange, (color) I think of Halloween. So this poem is posted and inspired by kate’s Friday Fun – Orange

And Eugenia’s weekly prompt/photo: an orange giant pumpkin house – normally used to adorn homes and streets during Halloween


  1. Poignant and sadly so true for this year at least ??… Oh…and here I am going to the cemetery with a mask on, looking like a grave robber… I hope I don’t scare the ‘daylights out them’…..

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  2. you mixed a lot into this one Mich, joy and documentation of how the virus has changed so much of people’s lives …. well composed!

    Thanks for joining in and for such a thought provoking post 🙂

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  3. Great topic and poem, SweetMich!!!
    ‘Tis sad…but we must do what we can to keep each other safe. I think of Halloweens that we had fun family things, small gatherings, trunk-or-treat events, playing fun games, carving pumpkins, etc. that were safe and kids still got to dress up and get a LOT of candy even if they didn’t go door to door! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I love Halloween and I am afraid this year is going to be disappointing to many. Even before COVID, Halloween was threatened by not so nice folks and tainted candy, etc. Your poem is so true, Mich! Thank you for participating,

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  5. Hello dear friend! Reading this made me sad and nostalgic for “pre-covid” times. We won’t be doing anything for halloween except decorating. I highly doubt families would let their kids trick-or-treat – at least I hope not! Catching on your lovely words this weekend…

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