Greater Things Are Unfolding Soon

“The universe will conspire

to make your dreams come true

to make your mystical life a reality

to make it happen just as you wish it”

If you ask me if I wanted anything else in life, I’d say no. I don’t think there is anything else that I would want for in life rather than raising well-mannered and grounded children. 

But not because I don’t want anything else doesn’t mean, don’t have my dreams. I still have my dreams. And I believe that dreams really do come true. It can happen anytime in your life – even when you least expect it.

You just have to quiet yourself, learn to listen to what the universe is telling you. You don’t need to rush, no need to push, no need to complain, no need to whine. You have to wait for that perfect timing, perfect moment. 

“Perfect timing” for some happens at the prime of their youth – young, single, and full of life, that’s wonderful. While others “perfect timing” may come too late in life – married, with children, a bit matured in age, and that is still perfectly fine. 

My “perfect timing” happens. My “dreams do come true” happens. 

Yours will happen too, in time.

Inspired by the prompt of Eugi;

Published by michnavs

Philippine-born Michelle Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia. Michelle authored the book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars” for PWW during their Million Stars campaign. Graduated with a Master of Education majoring in English in the Philippines, Michelle was a former college professor, teaching literature, speech & oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. Michelle is active in her writing profession and works as a freelance creative writer. Michelle passionately blogs at, where you can find her prose and poetry on love, life, motherhood, and her advocacy on abuse and violence. A published author on Spillwords NYC Her poem “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. kindly go check the following links – –

71 thoughts on “Greater Things Are Unfolding Soon

  1. Your post seems to be perfectly timed for me Mich…. Here I am nearly 70, and my dream of writing and having a book published, my be coming true in a few months time…. I hope your dream comes true, never say never, and true, dreams are really real !! .. 😀💙🌏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats Mich I can feel your excitement!

    They are making a film of you so this is big … so the universe has conspired to fulfil your dreams, yea! Now stop teasing us and please share 🙂


  3. Very impressive, Mich! I can’t think of a better person for the task. I look forward to the film. Your positive message is so very much in need. I mean that not just for myself, but for everyone on this planet. Thank you. 🙂


  4. Yes dear, dreams do come true and at whatever age they do, is the perfect age! ❤️
    Mich, I am all agog with excitement! I can guess something from the photos you have shared but I will wait for tomorrow. 😍😍


  5. I whole heartedly agree that dreams should be followed – when the time is right. “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly”


  6. I love and agree with everything you say. I trust the perfect time and the design of the workings of the Universe. While I await my dreams to come true, what I am living now is also a dream come true. Wishing you the most beautiful joy with your dream coming true!


      1. I’m happy to hear that, that is wonderful! 😊 ❤️

        I’ve been working from home since March. I’m not sure if you knew, but my mom passed away at the end of August. It’s been quite a challenge emotionally. Though I started seeing a grief counselor about a month ago, which is really helping. It’s definitely made me view the world and things that I want for myself in a new light. 💞🤗


      2. oh, my I am so sorry Jenna. I didn’t know that. my sincerest condolences dear. Losing any of our parent is really difficult and heartbreaking. its like we lost a part of our self too… i pray you find solace in the thought that she raised a really wonderful daughter – and that is you.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you Mich my dear, it is indeed like losing a part of myself. It’s a one day at a time, and that’s ok. I know she’s watching over and always with me. Now she’s at peace being with my dad and other loved ones who have passed on. It gives me peace to know this in my heart. 💗🤗


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