If I am to live for another 45 years,
I’d spend it writing poetry about you

only you

and let me start by saying
this brings me back to the day
I first met you

I was bewitched
and totally beguiled by you

from that day on forward
I could never take away
your charm in my head
least I know
it has taken
not only of my mind
but of my heart
and my soul longs for you
for as magical
and whimsical as it is
I was totally beguiled
and bewitched by you

for Eugenia’s prompt


    1. hello Carolyn, we had a huge storm here and internet connection was and still very unstable. and some parts of the country still don’t have electricity. thank you so much for thinking of me

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      1. You’re welcome. You were on my mind so I prayed for you and then left you that comment.
        Oh, gosh, so sorry to hear about the huge storm. 😦 That can be so scary. And frustrating. Prayers for everyone there. (((HUGS))) ❀


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