eight months in isolation
eight months
and still counting
it wasn’t easy
never easy at all
’twas scary
’twas blurry
it felt like standing on the edge
you have no way to go
no chance to run
no place to hide
no one to lean on
and you are left
with no one and nothing
but the edge
so you learn to keep still
keep still
amidst chaos and turmoil
all through the roaring thunder
and all through the rising tide
keep still
hold on
hush now

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    1. thank you Kate and yes i am hoping and praying that we all find that “stillness” at this moment, especially the young ones who seemed to have all been complaining of missing a lot of their life outside their homes.

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      1. You’re welcome. It isn’t showing that’s why I wrote the second comment when I realized that it is in response to WDYS! Thanks


  1. I hear you. I feel what you feel. You’ve expressed this so well, SweetMich!
    I’ve learned being still doesn’t stop the chaos in the world, but it stops the chaos from ruling our minds/hearts/emotions/lives. πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Carolyn…yes you are perfectly correct…being still wont end war or any chaos for that matter but it will definetey stop it from dominating our lives…
      Lol i just said what you said…but yeah i am so glad we are on the same boat

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  2. You express what I’m sure we are all feeling after all these months. It’s hard to find that place of sweet calm, but writing is my happy place.

    [My internet connection is also slow and keeps dropping. *sigh*]


  3. Oh, Mich… I cannot imagine my neighbor alone… though he did live so many years well. The last few months his body and brain are slowing down and now he is in the hospital. And we can’t even visit. He did not heed our warnings to get live in help and I fear his wish of staying in his home for the rest of his life may not come to fruition.

    Those of us who are healthy and have learned stillness… it is not easy for those who used to being independent and can no longer function as they wish.


    1. oh, my Jules.. my heart just sank with your story… it becomes even more devastating when we know of people directly affected by this pandemic….i can’t imagine the pain and the heartbreak of losing a loved one, how much more, not being able to beside them and say our last goodbyes..

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      1. Our neighbor is a widower without children. The closest relatives are states away – so some of us have sort of adopted him. But we have no power in any decision making.


      2. We just do what we can… I found out they are doing oodles of tests. But he will be transferred to a physical therapy place for a least a week maybe two? Hopefully when he’s settled in the physical therapy place those with more pull than just friends have can convince him (when he is allowed to go home… ) that he needs some extra care – Not sure of how that is covered or if he’d have to pay for it. But if he wants to stay in his own home, I believe he has to have it. He shouldn’t put that responsibility on his friends.


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