Even If

a love poem to remind us that despite our differences, our incompatibilities, our struggles, and our problems we still have the reason to smile, to hope, to wish, to dream… and the more reason to love.

it doesn’t have to be perfect.
it doesn’t always have to be romantic, cheesy, or sappy.
it doesn’t even have to be the way you expect it to be.

you just have to love, for whatever reason that maybe.

they say life is not a bed of roses.

it isn’t indeed.

my take is, you just need to find that one perfect rose, where you can lay your head at night, comfortably, lovingly, unmindful of the thorns around,because that perfect rose will protect you against his self, against his own imperfections.
2020 is the year, humanity will forever remember, for sure because of a pandemic or the famous COVID 19; but I for one will forever remember this year, as the year, I found true love: true love from people across the world who adores and supports my poetry, true love from people who honestly and sincerely care despite my shortcomings, true love from people I just met, true love from people I just reconnected with, and the truest most sincere, honest to goodness love from my family.

let 2020 be a reminder of our incompetencies, our shortcomings, our vulnerabilities, our differences, our inaccuracies, and our failures;
but let it be a reminder too of our ability to LOVE, to HOPE, to be KIND, to DREAM, and most importantly, to be HAPPY.

Happy 2021 everyone. DREAM ON, BELIEVE, and LOVE

with much love,

I Wonder

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you adore me in my
hour-glass silhouette,
softly rounded shoulders,
nipped-in waist and voluminous skirts,
feeling like a princess?
will you ask me out for a date
and proudly bring me
to a local ice cream shop
share a giant banana split
with lashings of cream
swimming in hot fudge sauce
then we can talk, look at each other
as we take another serving
this time, on a cone
then maybe, just maybe, we can share
not just an ice cream, but our first kiss
in between our melted ice cream cones?
then we could snuggle up
at the drive-in theater
and watch Aubrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday”
let’s end the day, in a parking spot
staring at the night skylines counting stars
and looking like a pair of
crazy teenagers

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you be brave enough
to ask for my hand for marriage?

For Sadje’s WDY

I Love You, At First – Poetry Reading

Alfred Lord Tennyson, said “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Although romantic regret can be difficult to handle, it also teaches and helps us shape the way we handle relationships and the way we deal with love and the act of loving itself.

And though it is indeed better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, yet, I tell you nothing beats the joy of being loved in return.

So, indulge yourself as you listen to how true love can endure the test of time.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas everyone.

Keep the love alive!!!

And When The Sun Sets

let’s go off
upon the meadow
by the horizon
hold my hand
as we watch the sun
sets beautifully
in raging hot orange
to a soothing, calming
pinkish to light yellow hue
let me lay my head on your
shoulder, rest, my weary heart

would it be so perfect
to be with you, in your loving arms
in communion and harmony
with the rhythm of nature?

just me, you,
and the sun setting

for Kate’s Friday -Fun

I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic

“I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with,

but I prepared all these for you, my love “

I was never in love with romantic love poems

I was never a love poet myself

I wrote ’bout life and its intricacies

about dreams and ambitions and endless possibilities

I wrote ’bout politics and pressing issues, and 

how we can make a difference amidst the flooding

unfortunate tales of humanity

I wrote ’bout deaths and the never-ending agony 

of losing and battling with grieving

I was never in love with romantic love poems

I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with

I swear I could laugh ’bout how silly romance is

how tediously boring it could go, talking ’bout love and how

it makes you feel giddy, smiling all the time just the thought of love

the rainbows and butterflies and the sky oh, so blue

always referring to that loving feeling made me cringe

I was never in love with romantic love poems

I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with

but my world turned upside down,

in total 360 degrees turn around

you, just like a sudden downpour

out of nowhere

change my perspectives

my thoughts

my life

my poetry

I swear I was never in love with romantic love poems

but I’ll write one

and I’ll begin by saying

from this day on forwards

I’ll write a love poem


it will be 

all ’bout 


For Sadje’s WDY https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/12/14/what-do-you-see-60-14-december-2020/

A Snowflakes of Thank You

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

– Ashley Smith

I believe in dreams, and I see the good in even the worst situation; I think these are the traits that put me to where I am today. I never stop dreaming, and I dream the biggest dreams, I also never stop believing that something good will ever happen out of even the messiest, most terrible situation. 

2020 started with a big bang for us as a family. I remembered we were in Bali for the holidays then. It was one of the most unforgettable travels we’ve ever made as a family. 

Then pandemic happens. 

There was already a rumor about a certain virus, even back in December 2019; but we just dismissed the idea (I am sure everybody did).

But, barely three months after, the inevitable happened. 

Pandemic happens.

The world stopped (literally). 

In the course of the first three months, our lives changed. Travelling became impossible (until it became restricted), work became difficult (until others lost their jobs), everyone became sick (until others died, may they rest in peace). Social distancing became the new norm and, online communications/transactions became the new trend to keep updated and be posted. 

While the world was/is in agony and while humanity was/is in a war over the deadliest and most contagious virus our generation ever had encountered, I kept my hope and my silence in the comfort of my room – writing. My poetry and blogger and writer friends have been my constant companion (aside of course from my loving family) all these months. 

Pandemic happens. And it gave birth to the “best of me”.  My first international poetry submission happened during the pandemic and so is my first ebook,  ” After Rain Skies” (a spin-off sort of, of my physical book “After Rain Skies: A Million Stars”). I did not allow the pandemic to topple down my spirit, much more allow my muse to wander along.  ” After Rain Skies” was received so well by the online reading community, that I had to follow it up immediately with another ebook, “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”.  It was released via KOBO yesterday, and I am very proud and very happy to share with you all that on its first day it went on the “trending list’, in all three categories to which the book belongs: 1. Trending in ebook, 2. Trending in Fiction and Literature and 3.Trending in Romance. 

I’d like to thank you all for the love and support you have given me and my poetry since 2013. WordPress has been and will always be my writing family. I have made friends here and I have met a few too from WordPress and it’s really wonderful. You have been my constant writing companion. Your honest and kind words of encouragement helped me the poet that I am now. I will forever be grateful to you. For some of you who have purchased my ebooks, you would know that I dedicated a page for the list of WP friends there to thank. 

Thank you all so much for the LOVE and SUPPORT.


and we are back to square one
back to how it all started
just like lichen
simple symbiotic relationship
I am the fungus
and you are
the photosynthetic organism
I grow where you are
I stay where you are
and you, enjoys
the  presence of a fungus
just like that
nothing more
nothing less
at your own convenience
just like how lichen was discovered;
’twas the right hypothesis at a wrong time.

For Kate’s Friday Fun – Lichen


it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been fun and exciting
and wonderful, and oh really great
for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain”
I am proud of who I have become

I could fly higher and soar farther.

there was so much love
so much admiration
from people I’ve met
and I can’t be happier

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther
but I’d like to stop the time
right here, right now
where you are

for if I ever fly again,
I’d soar the highest
with you

for Sadje WDY