I Wonder

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you adore me in my
hour-glass silhouette,
softly rounded shoulders,
nipped-in waist and voluminous skirts,
feeling like a princess?
will you ask me out for a date
and proudly bring me
to a local ice cream shop
share a giant banana split
with lashings of cream
swimming in hot fudge sauce
then we can talk, look at each other
as we take another serving
this time, on a cone
then maybe, just maybe, we can share
not just an ice cream, but our first kiss
in between our melted ice cream cones?
then we could snuggle up
at the drive-in theater
and watch Aubrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday”
let’s end the day, in a parking spot
staring at the night skylines counting stars
and looking like a pair of
crazy teenagers

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you be brave enough
to ask for my hand for marriage?

For Sadje’s WDY


  1. A beautiful tender poem Mich. it would be wonderful to go to that time and era. Relaxed stroll with your first love. Thanks a lot for this beautiful submission.


  2. I like you take on the “What if” game! Sadly those nipped in waists precluded eating ice cream sundaes and an extra ice cream cone… At least that’s what I’ve heard. I think the 50s was the start of eating disorders….


  3. OH! This is so wonderful, SweetMich!!! πŸ™‚
    From what I’ve read and seen in movies…you captured the ’50’s perfectly and lovingly!
    I bet there are many senior adults who have lived the sweetness you described!
    ‘Twould be interesting to be born back to other times in history…I think if we could, we would appreciate those who have lived before us so much more than we do.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚


  4. ha you captured the seventies dating scene so well! And in those days if we’d been born in the fifties we’d have had to wait to date … πŸ™‚
    And NO social media!


  5. Ah… I was born in the late 50’s… Missed out on most of those ‘Happy Days’… and was a tad too young so I was a misfit of the 60’s too. Now that I’m in my 60’s – well let’s just say I’m happy to not look too far back. Happy to have a good marriage, good children, and grands to enjoy.

    Best to you and yours in the New Year. Make some new lasting memories of goodness for 2021!


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