Do You Remember Heathcliff?



Do You Remember Heathcliff?

Do you remember how Heathcliff
passionately loves Catherine?
the first time he laid his eyes on her?
It causes her to shiver
like a root in the rain
from the base
of her neck
to the end of
her spine

Do you remember how Heathcliff
declared he indeed loves Catherine?
that she is his soul mate,
united to him
in eternity?

 It made her love him
so intensely that
she claims they
are the same

 Do you remember how you gave
“Wuthering Heights” while
we were walking
along the busy
street of

 It causes me to shiver
like a root in the rain
from the base
of my neck
to the end of
my spine

 Do you remember Heathcliff?
because I remember
him in you
I am your  **Catherine,
you are my **Heathcliff
but unlike them
together we
will be
In love forever.

**Heathcliff, the protagonist of Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte), is well-known as a romantic hero due to his undying love for Catherine.

*Recto is one of the busiest streets along with University Belt in Manila, Philippines

Colors and Beyond

what if colors don’t define an emotion or a feeling?
will there be love versus hatred?
or joy versus sadness?
or even success versus failure?

what if black is simply black and doesn’t mean a thing?
will there be a clamor for unity and equality?
what if white is simply white and doesn’t mean a thing?
will there be superiors and privileged ones?

I wonder how one race can mean so many things
to so many different people, believing that
to be accepted means to belong
to a certain group, a certain color

I wonder how one mind, one soul, one heart
can be diversely different, contradictory,
and multifaceted, cut in multiple angles
reflecting many faces

will the world be a better place,
if colors are simply colors?

will love then be truly fair for you, for me?

for Sadje’s WDY


how far can my poetry go
that I will never know
I pray it goes way beyond
beyond the gaps of my bleeding lines
farther than my thoughts could travel
louder than my rhythm could utter
faster than my verses could tickle
but one thing for sure though
know my dear
every word
every syllable
every rhythm
every rhyme
and every verses
is filled with magical wishes
of desiring to be where you are
right at the moment
the very moment
my poetry bleeds for you
in as much as my soul longs for yours
just like the deep dark clouds
that one huge rain
turns into a one giant downpour

For kate’s friday fun