Every Bit Of Me

8th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”

Every Bit of Me

how do i start
to tell you the least part
of my undying love and admiration
for all that you are and all that you do
maybe i’ll begin with how i love your
notoriusly brilliant mind transcensding
over into words, as you speak
some hate it, I know
but i love every bit of your notoriety
” what’s goin on in that beautiful mind”
that, I wouldn’t know

I love every  bit of you when you are ranting
‘cos baby it makes me adore you in a way no one else will see how beautiful you are
in your most awkward moment
I love every bit of your ugliness
“cos your crazy, and I’m out of my mind”
that’s how much crazy we can both be

I’m not perfect, I won’t deny
I may be very difficult to deal with at times
but my love, you love me and all of my imperfections
you’re the kind of risk,  I’d gladly without a doubt take
“cos all of me loves all of you”
I swear, my list could go a long way
but i love you the most ‘cos you took a chance on me, you took that one big leap
of loving me

I love every bit of you
in the same way you love
every bit of me

All Of Me – John Legend

To an avid follower

My Baby Blue Eyes

7th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”

My Baby Blue Eyes

I was a small town girl with big dreams in store,
a small town girl with looks entirely different from yours,
and in a game of probability,
what were the odds
that i would have you, my baby blue eyes?
chances are, it’s one in a million
and i might not have even been part of that one million

for there are over a hundred million beautiful women in the planet who I knew then for sure existed,
and in that over a hundred million beautiful women, I might not have even been part of it yet,
as I literally lived on the other side of your world, and in a game of probability,
what were the odds
that i would have you , my baby blue eyes?

but by some universal powers, we did not just meet, we fell in love
and not just fell in love, we fell hopelessly, romantically, deeply in love, and
the moment, the moment you laid your blue eyes on mine, my world stopped,
my heart fluttered, my mind went crazy
I knew then it was you, it was you
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with

it wasn’t easy though, as some foolish people tried to break us apart
maybe because of your totally amazing blue eyes, or it could also be my total brown eyes, they said we were diffirent
of course we are, there’s no denying
but our differences made us completely
compatible, amazing how we could be
different yet the same

its been many years, my love, and in those many years we’ve witnessed the growth of our love, our love that has become stronger each passing day,
and i can’t help but wonder,
did the universe conspire for us to be together?
or were we concieved and born for each other?

my love, the answer lies in the eyes of
two beautiful halves, two souls, two lives
born out of love, of two different people
from two different worlds apart
joined by fate, by destiny, by love
or maybe, yes maybe we were indeed
really born for each other

for that, I thank God for the day we were born for each other

Born for You- David Pomeranz
For Jen and Jon

I’ll Stay By You

6th in the series of “tell me your song, and i’ll write you a poem”

I’ll Stay By You

i’ll be beside you as you watch with joy the butterflies dance freely alongside the bees in the garden
i’ll smile along with you with awe, for every single rainbow we witness at the end of each storm
and when the night falls, let’s stay up late together and dream the dreams we have,
and count the stars the best way we can
but i sure be there for you even when the butterflies are gone and the garden went dry
i will still make you smile even during a stormy day  and the sun is still up somewhere
it may not be enough
but i know, together we will be
“we have each other just hold on tight”

i promise to take care of you and love you more each day with better understanding of your individuality
i swear to stay by your side and laugh at your own “out of context” silly jokes
and i swear by the grace of whoever invented the crazy act of funny gestures, i’ll do it for you
let’s play charades and hide and seek as if we were the little kids we used to be
but i promise with all my heart, i will stay beside you and never leave you behind when there aren’t funny jokes to laugh with
or when we run out of words to play charades with, and even if we’ve explored the whole place for hide and seek
it may not be enough
but i know, together we will be
“we have each other just hold on tight”

most of all i will take care of you even if you become the most annoying human being
I will understand your crazy little tantrums and hold on until and always
and lastly, I swear to love you when there is nothing more loveable about
 and when we argue, when we fight, when we disagre
 i will love you even more
‘cos that will never make me love you less

it may not be enough
but i know, together we will be
“we have each other just hold on tight”

I’ll Be There – Martin Nievera

For a very good friend @rosaaamiiiyaaa

An Ode to Love

An Ode To Love

fifth in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”


it’s been quite a while and I wish to know why, why you left me unaannounced
unnoticed, oh dear love, why?
“I’ve often wondered, if love’s an illusion”
glorified by romantic poets
and creative writers
a breeding and birthing space
for their silly, playful emotions
I can’t blame them though, as I have
once in my life, not so long ago
fallen deeply into love’s
glorious promises and compromises
and it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

oh dear love, no, I’m not up for one right now
I am more than satisfied with friends and companions around, they make me laugh,
they make me cry and yes they disappoint me too, at times,
with them nothing, and I mean nothing can topple down my spirit
I have everything every woman would want for,
but hey, love, it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

wouldn’t it be too much if I say,
“don’t want to wake up alone anymore”
for it gets lonely and sad when friends
aren’t by my side, its so lonely, I swear
and for many days and many months
and I don’t even know how many more years, my nights are going to be colder
and my bed is empty without you,
yes, dear love, my bed is empty without you
‘cos hey, love it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

and if by chance you find your way back again, back to my door, I promise
by the grace of Apollo the God of poetry and art, I swear with all my heart
and with all that I could ever be
welcome you back, without hesitations,
without inhibitions, with a smile,
I submit.


All The Love In The World – The Corrs

This one is for a very special follower and a fan of all my works. Cheers to love and to all its magnificent yet misplaced comforts

Shape Of My Heart

Shape of My Heart

in your arms,
in your loving arms
lie the shape of my heart
my heart, my heart, my love
is all that I ever have that says of how much
how much I love you, the core of my emotion, of my affection

in your touch
in your tender endearing touch
rests the shape of my heart
my heart, my heart, my love
that bears witness to all my affliction and sorrow,
for when you touch me, I know
that touch belongs to someone else
and those endearment is nothing but temporary

in your eyes
in your affectionate eyes
depend on the shape of my heart
my heart, my heart, my love
that holds the secrets of my soul
and the silenced voices of my thoughts
may your eyes hear the agony of my heart

in your love, lies
the shape of my heart

For Kate’s Friday – Fun


No Matter What

how do we deal with shattered dreams
and broken promises?
how do we heal over losses
and grievances?
I honestly don’t know how

but one thing I am certain of
I will be beside you when your dreams
are traumatized
I will hold your hand and keep you steady
when your world is crumbling down
I will be right beside you

how do we cry over silenced thoughts
and unheard voices?
how do we forget induced mockery
and blasphemy?
I don’t know how, actually
but I will listen to you with open heart
and believe in you when, I swear no matter what

you don’t need to hide
I understand you
no matter what

For Sadje’s WDY

Little Heaven On Earth

fourth in the series of “tell me your song and i’ll write you a poem”

Little Heaven On Earth

it used to be just a dream,
a dream of me finding someone to love
love as told by many, love like no else,
love that will make me see sunshine in the mornings, butterflies in the garden and a love that will make me see
God as a jolly bearded old man

then you came along
my world, oh, my world dear
has turned out to be more beautiful than ever
the birds are chirpier
the grass is greener
the rainbow is brighter
and the church bells ringing joyously
as if its Christmas everyday

it used to be just a dream
our dream of spending the days
and the nights together
and of sealing our love,
our blissful love by virtue of
one true blessed holy matrimony
and from that day on forward
we promised to love each other
in sickness and in health
for richer and for poorer
as death may not even take our love away

I swear my love, I love you more each day
it feels like a little heaven on earth
with you beside me,
each and every waking hours of my life
“and throughout the night,
I wanna hold you tight
I wanna wake up with you”

and I thank God, I thank God
for you, for the many nights with you
and the many waking mornings with you
‘cos my love, waking up with you beside me
feels like a little heaven on earth

our love is dawning, always, just as we wake up together each morning

I Wanna Wake Up With You – Boris Gardener
For my wonderful student/avid follower Joy and her lovely hubby

For Eugi’s weekly prompt https://amanpan.com/2021/01/21/eugis-weekly-prompt-dawning-january-21-2021/

Just Like This

third in the series of “tell me your song and i’ll write you a poem”

Just Like This

I love Greece
with its glorious beaches
and mountain ranges
I love Greece
with its history
and its mythology,
as a child I learned
that Apollo is the God of
music, poetry and art
but I adore Zeus
with his power to rule
all the Gods and men
his mighty prowess made him
the king of Olympus

But I see no God in you.

I love fairy tales and
happy ending,
with Cinderella
topping my list
and how she
found her lovely
prince charming in the end

But I see no prince charming in you.

Nah, I never really wish you
to be any of those powerful
Greek Gods, nor be like
Cinderella’s perfect
prince charming

I see no Greek God in you
I see no prince charming in you

But baby, I want you,
“just something I can turn to
somebody I can kiss”
that perfect “spider man and Mary Jane”
kind of kiss, or that “happy ending”
“boy meets girl” movie moment kiss

“I want something just like this”

Something Just Like This – Cold Play
For my beloved WP friend (https://undressedthoughts.com/2021/01/22/stars/) Kritika @undressedthoughts

How Lonely Can You Be?


Second in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra
Request sent in via IG by the lovely @manahil_mansha, to cheeer up her dearest friend

How Lonely Can You Be?

it has been cold and lonely,
how lonely can it be?
how lonely can you be?
that I wouldn’t know for sure
but your eyes,
your eyes
your eyes my dear
never will it lie
I see your pain
and I feel your agony
cheer up my dearest
let me take you to a place
a place where your eyes
will speak of a thousand joyful moments
your heart will cry out for a thousand and more wonderful memories, and your mind
your mind, will finally find its happy thoughts, its restful respite
and its quiet refuge
my dearest friend take my hand
and together,
“let’s fly to the moon
let’s play among the stars
let’s see what spring is like
on Jupiter and Mars”

“In other words, hold my hand”
you’ll be fine, with me,