How Do We Start Over?

How Do We Start Over?

it’s quite odd though that at some point
our lives, our world and everything that we do
evolve around and depend upon
the love of our life, or so we thought

but what happen
what could possibly happen
when the very reason
we exist
the very core of our being
becomes inevitably
the single sole reason
we are losing ourselves

should we take the road most people
travel when the going gets tough?
or should we dare move forward
and take on the highest routes to
nothing but road bumps and
multiple road blocks?

how much of ourselves
do we need to lose?
and how many risks do we need to take
to eventually realize
this aint gonna work?
do we keep hoping
or do we keep holding on?

it’s quite odd though, really odd
to be sitting right now
contemplating on what used to be
just a mere part of a movie marathon
we used to watch

and as we both witness
our own movie version story
painstakingly unfolds
right before our very eyes
I can’t help but wonder

what happened?
what happened to us?
did we lose it, or did it just die
a natural death?

and if this aint goin’ further
farther than where we are now,
how do we start over?

For Sadje’s WDY


  1. This is a dilemma of life. When problems mount higher than our capacity to solve them, we feel overwhelmed. The way forward is not clear and decision making in in itself an uphill task. You’ve highlighted this so well.
    Thanks a lot for joining in with this thought provoking poem


  2. Sometimes letting go is the only thing that works to resolve issues one way or the other. If things are meant to be they will change for the better but pushing others to change does not work they have to be put in a position to want to change and make things work.


  3. This is a beautiful description and relevant reality. It is part of the continuum even though a new beginning seems needed – it is our inner work to find the guidance, either way, to let go & move on or work our way through.


  4. Your poem effectively (and eloquently) points out the conundrum that many face – they have invested so much in a relationship that they are loath to admit that it is over. Seems the reason that some people languish in marriages where neither partner is happy and yet they hesitate to pronounce the time of death… It effectively denies the other and self from finding happiness.


  5. Important questions and powerful emotions, SweetMich!
    As impossible as it seems…as difficult as it is…sometimes a person reaches a point where they have to let go. And even tho’ they can’t imagine it…they can start over. And so very often I’ve seen them so much happier and fulfilled after they do.
    But it takes time, courage, strength…and the ability to accept help from people who care. πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚


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