with this beautifully painted
and perfectly made flute
I profess my love
to you oh, dear
airy, light
and mellow
my poetry in music
gracefully penetrating
whistling and whispering
my love, forever you will be,
the lyrics to my songs
the flawless melody to my music
and as I slightly open my mouth
to blow air into this instrument
know that I have you
in my thoughts,
in my heart
breathing the same air you breathe


  1. This is beautiful! And although it fulfills the NaPoWriMo prompt it also takes care of the first challenge in my National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt!!
    Just so you know, you have inspired me to try my hand at writing love poems for NPM!


  2. What a lovely instrument and verse to accompany it! 💕
    There is a definite harmony when two people are in sync – even with there or especially because of there uniqueness!


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