Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza

Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza you are seated on deserted landin solitude, in peace, in serenitywhere the sun just peeked over the horizon to the east, and the heat was just enough for us to witness you almost smile but, I wonder(as always) what lies beneath your glorious structure?what story isContinue reading “Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza”


waveringly, unsteadily, wobblinglywe flutter, on the ground as we hover aroundand circle, and dance, a dance we call lovebut you know why I love to flutter,and hover and dance around with you?I love the sweet fluttering smilesI see on your face, an indication thatwe flutter on a happy ground,together let’s flutter,forever https://amanpan.com/2021/04/29/eugis-weekly-prompt-flutter-april-29-2021/

Intan’s Story

There’s a limit to how far hard work can get you. There’s a limit to how much suffering love can make you take. Intan studied criminology, which means she trained herself to understand the worst in people. She took a bachelor’s degree and graduated with flying colors, then went on to take a post helpingContinue reading “Intan’s Story”

Erin’s Story

  Things that break on earth don’t reach the clouds above us. Burning villages don’t change the schedule of sunsets. And stars remain stars, no matter how much land we destroy. But when the sky loses all of its lights and unleashes a thunderstorm, everything drowns. Erin was a vibrant, happy, and joyful woman. ToContinue reading “Erin’s Story”