Two Poems

Poem #1 – Alone and Lonely

alone and lonely, that has become of you

tired and desolate, after a life so great

a life of wonderful glorious moments

and magnificent past

in old age, you  look back of

what went wrong, and what have

you missed, so, upon this bench

you recollect, the good and the bad;

the best and the worst

 “is it too late, to start over?”

is all that you can ponder

hold on to the good

and let go of the bad

remember the best

and forget the worst

for in life it’s never too, too late

to start over, over again

so, upon this bench you reminisce

only the good, and only the best

and upon this bench you promise

you promise to never,

old age bring you down

Poem #2 – Death

sing me no sad song my dear

cry me no tears,

fear no more



hum me a melody, a melody

I so long to hear,

and remember, remember me

upon this bench,

this park

I vowed, I promised

with your song as the witness

your melody as our guest

and your instrument as our company

to love you and to hold

‘till death do us part


oh, death indeed

torn us apart

For Sadje’s WDY


I started with just one poem (poem #1 – Alone and Lonely) and when I was about to hit “publish” my romantic muse just got my way, and another poem was conceived (poem #2 – Death)

Which one is your favorite?

Rose Ann

“I Would Fly To Where You Are”, Available via KOBO.COM and Amazon (ebook/kindle file/paperback)


“Soar” is the hope that everything that falls in the seasons of love always fly on its rightful destinations. When two hearts soar high to the highest, it has no limits. It’s immeasurable for love is the wing itself. Love is strength when one is tired. “Love is unconditional.” “Love wins against all odds.” “Love is contagious.” “Love requires sacrifice.” Sometimes, “Love is blind” but most of the time, it is an element that keeps us awaken. Love is an unending cycle of poetry that never runs out of ink and plumage.

Love is not just a feeling and a gift but a companion that helps us enjoy life in Summer, a gratitude in surviving tests in Fall, a wishing soul that needs to be renewed in Spring, and a recollection of desires and uncertainties of each person’s As and Zs in Winter.

“What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?” The title itself speaks the kind of love that is unconditional and phenomenal. As an aspiring writer myself, I have always wanted to write stories about seasons to correlate with love through a fiction (or maybe from a true to life stories). I got demotivated because of my recent hang-ups and this book relives this goal. As I scan its leaves page by page, it made me go back to the time when Ms. Michelle stepped on my existence.

Ms. Michelle is my teacher in my two English subjects in college. She teaches smoothly, and her low-key life really inspires me not to give up in my heart’s desires while embracing and loving the life that fate had given me. Her perseverance to her dreams and love for her family are goals. At an early age, she became a mother and a pursuer of a dream which is so admirable. The thing I could never forget about her is, one moment, when I entered to her class to give her a document from the office I used to work with as a student assistant. I was so surprised when she said in front of her class that I am her top student. I don’t know if she could still remember this but surely for me, those words marks and will mark with me for the rest of my life. She had no idea how I needed to hear those words. She’s one of the few people who keep on believing in me during the times when I find it so hard to believe in myself. Since then, I’ve been searching for her in social media and her personal account is nowhere. “She has always been low-key”, I said to myself. Luckily enough, a mutual friend shared her poems on Spillwords NYC. That was the start of this beautiful journey with her writings. She made me realize that it’s never too late to start and journey a career for yourself – that touches others through the gift of words. Ms. Mich’s pieces came at the time when I needed words about surviving psychological abuse in her book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars”. When I was about to give up on love, her book on “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in winter?” arrived. Her books gave so much impact to me as someone who is still trying to move forward and bounce back. They made me trust the journey of healing; believe in love again, to dream for the love I deserve. That we all deserve.

In life, you meet people and you write poetry about them. Some people come to your life not to become home, but to teach you how much and how big you can love, how fragile you can be. These people are your road that leads to your home – YOU. Some come to teach you lessons in hardest ways. Some come as God’s instrument to help you break free from your comfort zone, pulls you up from the rock bottom but have to go after that mission. Some come to touch your heart and soul in ways they do not even know. Ms. Michelle is the latter.

Rose Ann V. Molase, MBA-HRM
Human Resource Associate


“I Would Fly To Where You Are” available via KOBO.COM and AMAZON (ebook/kindle file/ paperback)

Poetry – like a mathematical equation – can go from simple to complex.

But it can only get appreciated once understood. However, what sets poetry and equations apart is the fact that poetry talks about experiences and emotions.

I had known the author, Ms. Michelle Navajas, back when I was still in college. She was an instructor in our school before, and when I was still a freshman, I had already dreamt of having her as my English teacher. Though, time did not grant that dream. When her daughter enrolled in our college, there I got the chance to meet her again. Every time we would have literary competitions, I would always consult her to check our pieces. She never fails to keep me in awe with her talent and eloquence in writing and speaking.

In this book of Ms. Michelle Navajas, she will take us to greater heights to remind us of that euphoric feeling of being in love. Being in love sets us on cloud nine – ecstatic, delighted, and thrilled.

Love gives us a certain amount of strength and boost that is both unexplainable and unfathomable. It gets us through whatever obstacle to be with the one to whom our hearts belong. But love is not always about joy; it also includes pain – especially when love fades or becomes one-sided. If the feeling is real and deep, moving on would be the hardest thing to do. Time may heal all the wounds, but the pain will leave a scar. Nevertheless, love, despite the pain it may bring, will always keep us going.

Jhonel S. Española

Chemical Engineer/College Instructor

Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod

When Words Aren’t Enough

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
what the heart wants,
will colors satisfy the need,
the need to yearn for more,
crave for more, long for more,
love more?

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
I’d paint you, paint you
vibrant warm hues
of red, orange, yellow
colors of fire, of fall leaves,
of sunsets and sunrises

‘cos, baby believe me when I say
words aren’t enough,
and thoughts won’t complete
for you deserve so much more


I’ve known Ms. Michelle since I was little. She was an English teacher in my elementary and high school, and I remember her being always so passionate about our school paper which I wouldn’t have taken an interest in if it weren’t for her being so hands on about it. A creative, she’s brought in lots of improvements to it by encouraging students to write and teaching them to love and appreciate art.

I was also classmates with her daughter, Denice, so aside from being a teacher, I’ve seen up close how she is as a mother. She’s very loving and protective, as what mothers usually are; but she’s also beyond that. She’s a mentor and a friend—someone you can be comfortable confiding in because she has a deeper understanding of life than most of us.

When I read “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”, it brought me back to memories of car rides with her and Denice and how she would tell us stories about love and life. Being a young teenager with no idea about romantic love back then, I based my ideals on what she has shared with us. And now years later after having experienced love and loss, this book feels so much like being back in that car, oblivious to the time spent and distance travelled, with her there affirming my feelings, guiding me to discovering more of what love and life really is and should be, only this time, it’s through her poetry.

In her next collection of poems, she will once again take us to a journey of finding love, what it means to love and keeping that love through all the triumphs and trials. A passionate lover of her craft, of life, and of love, it’s only fitting that these stories will be coming from her and that she now gets to share them to a larger audience.

I’m no writer, but I love how words can be effortlessly combined into captivating thoughts and I hope when you read her poems, you will find them beautiful and resonating as much as I did.


Alyssa Gemal

Licensed Civil Engineer

“I Would Fly To Where You Are” available in KOBO.COM and Amazon (paperback and ebook copy)

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Promises And Tales

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
of how we’ve created a world
a world full of touches of laughter beyond tears
a world full of joys beyond sadness
and a world, where it only begins and ends
with a loving thought for each other

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
while we walk along the highways
and crossroads, in between random stories
and out-of – this world arguments
where we agreed that we don’t always agree, but we settled to end
with a smile and a silent scream for love

tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales, we once made
in between long drives, watching sunsets and boulevards, where the world is endless
and with you, dreams don’t have limits
and hopes are full of possibilities
and love, oh, love makes me breathless


sit beside me now,
let’s watch together the sun triumphantly appears over a clouded sky


tell me, dear, tell me more
of the promises and tales
we once made

hold my hand
never let go

this time


for Sadje’s WDY


when magic fades away, what do we do to make it stay?
do we keep on believing, or do we let it go?
I say, believe for it is everywhere
it never will completely go
so, just believe
I believe,
in magic,
in you.

yes, my love, you are
my “dreams do come true”,
my “happily – ever – after”,
I’m no damsel in distress
but, with you I’d like to be one
so you can be my “knight in shining armor”

when magic fades away, what do we do to make it stay?
we believe, we make it happen
I believe,
in magic,
in you
I make “us” happen

yes, my love, you are
my only magic, in my reality
in my world where chaos is obvious
you silence my heart, you soothe my soul
in my world where lies are acceptable
you are my truth, my candor

when magic fades away, what do we do to make it stay?
we believe, we chase after it
I believe,
in magic,
in you,

I run to you…
for magic…

Joy & Rockie

I know as a fact that Ms. Michelle was the literature teacher in our high school in an exclusive school for girls. Where every teenager wanted to be like her: witty with glamour; beauty and brains. I even remember I told myself to be like her when I grow up. Journalism is her area of expertise, as well as speech and oral communication.

Little as I know about her creative writing, until I read her first book, “After Rain Skies” which broke my heart with the disturbing true to life experiences of women related in her poetry. It was a shocker.

Then she published her second book, “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter” full of love described in nature, to mention winter, spring, summer and fall, to love and behold from sunshine to sunset, and encourages readers to continue loving.

And her third book, “Oh, Dear One”. That astonishes us the most! Rockie and I read the whole thing together, loud and clear, romantically after Valentine’s Day.. Full of powerful poems. “Mama, I remember” is our favorite.

—-read more of their foreword in my book “I Would Fly To Where You Are”

When Your Miles Away

when you’re miles away
what happens in between my day?
it sure would be lonesome, as it could ever be
for what else there is to smile?  
and what else there is to rejoice?
I sure would miss you,
like the moon misses the night
when the sun is up lingering,
wandering, watching, teasing
as it patiently waits for dusk

when you’re miles away
what happens in between my day?
it sure would be lonely, I swear
for what else there is to beam?
and what else there is to exult?
I sure would miss you,
like the wave misses the shore
when it’s out in the deep blue sea
waiting, longing, yearning
for the moment, the wind finally
tosses it back to the shore

when you’re miles away
what happens in between my day?
I sure could summon all the natural elements
all the gods and goddesses, all the fairy godmothers
and think of all the happiest thoughts I have
for it would be devastating as it could ever be

and when you’re miles away
my love remains the same, I say.