what happens behind closed doors?
what transpires behind curtained windows?
what is hidden inside gate 28- 5?

sometimes, closed doors are all that we need
to protect, to hide, to conceal
ourselves, from the harsh reality
of the life outside

sometimes, curtained windows are all that we need
to peep, to glance, to see, and to look
at the truth, the truth we once ignored

what is inside gate 28-5?
no one knows, no one can tell
no one dared to discover

ready or not
I’ll go in
take the plunge
find out

enough with closed doors
enough with curtained windows


for Sadje’s WDY https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/05/10/what-do-you-see-81-may-10-2021/


  1. Nicely done – evil cannot thrive when exposed to the light of day and truth. I applaud your work to reveal all the misdeeds perpetrated behind closed doors and shuttered windows.


  2. A perfect poem and photo pairing, SweetMich!
    Curiosity, willing to take a risk, concerned, wanting to move forward, ready to face changes, wanting to help others, ETC…behind closed doors and windows we must go in order to learn, grow, help, and initiate positive changes.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


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