When Words Aren’t Enough

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
what the heart wants,
will colors satisfy the need,
the need to yearn for more,
crave for more, long for more,
love more?

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
I’d paint you, paint you
vibrant warm hues
of red, orange, yellow
colors of fire, of fall leaves,
of sunsets and sunrises

‘cos, baby believe me when I say
words aren’t enough,
and thoughts won’t complete
for you deserve so much more


Published by michnavs

Philippine-born Michelle Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia. Michelle authored the book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars” for PWW during their Million Stars campaign. Graduated with a Master of Education majoring in English in the Philippines, Michelle was a former college professor, teaching literature, speech & oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. Michelle is active in her writing profession and works as a freelance creative writer. Michelle passionately blogs at www.michnavs.wordpress.com, where you can find her prose and poetry on love, life, motherhood, and her advocacy on abuse and violence. A published author on Spillwords NYC https://spillwords.com/what-if-snowflakes-dont-fall-in-winter/ Her poem “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. kindly go check the following links –https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/2020/06/29/imagining-life-after-the-ravaging-virulent-covid-19-pandemic-a-special-journal/ –https://personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/imagining-life-after-covid-19-a-womawords-june-edition/

36 thoughts on “When Words Aren’t Enough

  1. A beautiful, brilliant poem, SweetMich!
    It reminds me of quote I read years ago…”Sometimes what you need to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.” 🙂
    How wonderful to express this to the people we love! 🙂 They do deserve THE best! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  2. Yes and yeas again! It isn’t just the words – it is the actions that precede and follow those words. And when the words can’t contain the emotion we must rely on actions of the heart!


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