you robbed my dreams
when you murdered my innocence

you toppled down my spirit
when you assasinated my heart


upon the meadows
I wonder, how many of my dreams
have you robbed?
how much of my innocence
have you murdered?


upon the meadows
I count, on the many ways you
toppled down my spirit
on the many times you assasinated
my bleeding heart


upon the meadows
I thank, I thank God
for gifting me with resilience,
forgiveness, and perseverance

that no matter how many
dreams you have stolen from me
how many times you murdered my innocence
how many moments, you toppled down my spirit


no matter how many occasions you assassinated my ailing heart
I stand firm and graceful
strong and triumphant

just like the meadows, complete with sparkling grassland


For Eugi’s Prompt – Meadows


  1. Love this! This speaks of courage, strength of character, determination, victory, healing, moving forward, ETC! Such an important powerful message, SweetMich! A perfect example of growing stronger and better…not letting anyone meanness define us, deter us, dilute us, or destroy us.

    Like a beautiful meadow, YOU and your words bring us peace, hope, encouragement, strength…thank you!
    (((HUGS))) ❤


  2. I love how the words ” Upon the meadow” softened the impact of strong experiences, how she seemed to stand tall despite all and finally arrived in the beautiful peaceful meadow.


  3. Mich,
    Just love the spirit of strength, forgiveness, hope, and perseverance that shines like a beacon in this poem! Darkness doesn’t win against the light of God. Thanks be to God!


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