Jco, the Mighty

Jco, that’s how we call you
named after the famous
soft and fluffy almost cake-like
donut we fell in love with;
friends and relatives
argue about their safety around you,
you are compactly-built,
muscular, fast, and powerful,
standing between 26 to 29 inches
at the shoulder
your body is sleek but substantial,
and is covered with a glistening
golden brown hue
they are scared of you,
if they only knew how kind
and sweet and adorable you are,
they’d love you too
I swear

you won’t eat without me
by your side
and now that we are apart,
oceans apart
I know you have learned
to eat by yourself but that 
makes me really sad

you outlived Maggi our pomeranian
and Otaku our mini pinscher
the passing of those two cute furries
I witnessed you cry
you had sleepless nights
when Otaku died
so we decided to get you
someone your kind
Macky arrived at your delight
you were energetic and lively again
but little did we realize
that you are such a spoiler big brother
gone are those days when
you wanted to be fed first
and gone are those days when
you wanted your place to get cleaned first
even in your daily bath, you wanted Macky to be the first

Now, you are aging…
you no longer run as fast
as you used to…
nor jump high as you always do…
and I don’t know what to write next…
my heart is bleeding…
just by the thought of it…

For Sadje’s WDY

I am reminded of my beloved dobberman JCO who passed away months ago.



  1. So sorry for your loss my friend. Losing a pet is very hard. You’ve written such a loving tribute to his memory. Thanks Mich for joining in


  2. I’m sorry to hear about his passing, Mich. But he, like the others before him, will continue to live in our hearts. It’s sad that their lifetimes are too short compared to ours. Such a beautiful tribute, Mich ❤️


  3. A beautiful tribute in honor of precious Jco, the Mighty. Handsome, too! 🙂
    I know you miss him so very very very much. So sad to lose a beloved family member. 😦
    I know he lives on in your heart, mind, and memories!
    We’ll do something fun today to celebrate Jco’s life and the love and loyalty he gave to you so gladly and generously! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Dobermans are really intelligent dogs and make great family dogs despite being physically imposing (and having a reputation that precedes them… but they really are gentle! I love the tribute poem!


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