you dropped the news

like free-flowing petals

slowly, gently, piece by piece

until they all went down

crushing me,

drowning me,

soaking me

i can hardly breathe,

it suffocated me

i try to find you in each of those petals

hoping you would be there,

wishing a part of you is still there

but all i can see is scattered pieces

of the remnants of your memory

the wind gently whispers your name

pricking my heart, tearing me apart

gannoon ba ako kadaling kalimutan?

(am i that easy to forget?)

For Eugi’s 

Baby, Take Me Home

i’m down and drowned, and the lucid moon
appears as heaven’s eye, it’s a cold night
i’m whimpering and whispering,
in the silence of my longing heart,
in the silence of the bewitching light

what brought me here, what tore us apart?
we should be together instead of being apart
so here i am wondering what went wrong
in the middle of somewhere, i am here and you are there
this love, oh, this love is so strong

i’m down and drown in my bed, and
night whispers, nothing but your name
i’m wailing and sobbing, how can i let this happen
how can i let you be just a shadow in the dark
a silhouette against my dimming sky

i’m begging for the night to be over and stop whispering your name, ‘cos baby it’s killin’ me
it’s suffocating, as i look up at the blanket of stars laid perfectly into the sky guiding my eyes
to maybe, just maybe, not infinity but to you

so send me home, walk me back in time ‘cos baby
i find happiness in just your memories no more
i am tired, tired of remembering every single detail ’bout you, ’bout us, i don’t want you to be just a memory, i don’t want us to be just a history

baby take me home, fly me back,
into your  loving arms where i belong
baby take me home, fly me back
to our love, where we once belonged

so baby, just take me home 


You (A Sonnet Haiku)

i look at you, damn!
my world turned upside down dear
was head over heels

my heart raced faster
i bounced between euphoria
intense sleeplessness

was knocked off my feet
i slipped, i fell, i stumbled,
totally injured

in need of a drug
a miracle drug called YOU
yes, it is you

i am in dire need of you
of your being my dearest


Thank you Val for this.

It is 4 haiku verses with a closing couplet of either 7 or 5 syllables per line. This results in the standard sonnet length of 14 lines but unlike the traditional sonnet, there is no rhyme. (

What If (A look at the thoughts of Superheroes)

What If (A look at the thoughts of Superheroes)

what if dreams don’t really come true,
that they are just theories to fuel your ambition
or redirect you from reality to pure illusion?

what if dreams don’t really mean anything at all
that they’re but electrical brain impulses
of random thoughts and memories?

what if our superpowers don’t actually matter?
what if worst, we are not superheroes after all?
what if we are indeed products of creative imagination?

what if we’re not who we believe we are?
what if we’re just some make-believe characters?

what if dreams don’t really come true?
what if dreams don’t really mean anything at all?

what if I am not really Batman, and you are not Superman?
how do we save the world now?

for Sadje’s WDYS


another collaboration of three elusive poets, now four…@michnavs, @chanticleer9, @beruang_kuat, @karenskie13..

they are your neighbors, friends, classmates, or officemates. they are somebody’s greatest love.
four poets. one poem. one mission – to take you to the magical world of poetry


i’ll never get over you,
i’ll never get enough of you
i’ll love you even if it pains, for every drop of the rain
is every bit of my pain i remember, i remember you

it drizzled when i first saw you
no umbrella nor coat to cover you
the rain accentuated your beauty
my eyes sparkled as I look at you intensely

it rained gently when i first kissed you
your lips mesmerized mine, that’s true
our kiss fascinated every inch of me
wished that with every rainfall, you’d kiss me

i longed for you when the rain falls
we used to play with each droplet
i longed for you when it rained harder
we used to cuddle as the wind blows

i missed you on rainy Sunday morning
we used to have nonsense bedroom chats
then we’d have our morning jog,
i would melt as you smile sweetly

but, damn you left me crying in vain
felt like there is no tomorrow
wished i could hold you once again
wished i could be with you forever

it rained heavily when you left me
your goodbye was my saddest in history
you just turned your back and walked away
and the rain cried with me on that day

i remembered you came into my life with no intentions
yet I’ve welcomed you with no hesitations
we chose to hold on even with complications
because it was worth all the risk, we believe

now you’re gone and left me in distraught
my heart’s aching but I shouldn’t be caught
tell me now how can I move on
and face these sad realities my own

the silence is deafening
yet there’s echoing in the horizon
as if you’re calling my name amidst the heavy rains
but when I looked around all I see
is blinding darkness, knife cutting through my veins

on gloomy days i’ll be calling your name
i fear my voice will be washed by the rains
i longed for the embrace we once shared
i wished yesterday was different and tomorrow’s the same
my decisions are crazy and now my fate is playing me

but, baby i tell you, come rain or sunshine
for whatever season, whatever reason
i will love you despite the pain
i will love you until we meet again

yes, i will love you even then


A collaboration of three elusive poets, whose love for the written words can be traced back even before Instagram and Facebook was born, even before the words, “friend zone or status complicated” were invented.
Three poets, one poem, one hope, one wish – to love and be loved eternally @michnavs, @chanticleer9 and @beruang_kuat


i’ve walked through the meadows,
among the darkest of clouds
i’ve walked through the horizon
with my greatest anticipation
of finding the one,
the one my heart longs
the one my soul yearns


what if there ain’t you, waiting patiently?
what if the darkest of clouds won’t give in to a downpour?
what if it ain’t true,
that there is a rainbow after the rain?
will true love reign,
or will i be waiting in vain?


the night falls
with no hope of light to show up
no moon, no stars to shine at night
no more rainbow to color the sky
no more music to play, no song to sing
the world fell apart
in complete silence

and as the morning breaks,

frustrations after frustrations
pain after pain
what else are you going to bring?
you just let them keep on coming.
oh, rainbow, why’s the sky avoiding you?
your colorful hues turned to mournful grey
is it because you’re now nothing but a display?



it’s been many days

many months and many years

and I’ve traveled to many places

and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been fun and exciting

and wonderful, and oh really great

for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain”

I am proud of who I have become

I could fly higher and soar farther.

there was so much love

so much admiration

from people I’ve met

and I can’t be happier

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been many days

many months and many years

and I’ve traveled to many places

and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther

but I’d like to stop the time

right here, right now

where you are

for if I ever fly again,

I’d soar the highest

with you

  • Let us soar higher, together…


This poem is included in my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are” available on Amazon for paperback and kindle file.

I am also posting this in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “Soaring”

Wednesdays of Longing

Happy Wednesday friends and dear poets💕💕💕….let’s take on our….

Wednesdays of Longing
i am your 3 am musing
reflecting on life,
without one another
without a bee on the flower
without a rainbow on the cloud
without a moonlight on a starry night
without a ray of sunshine in the morning
i am your 3 am musing
and i ache for you
i am your late afternoon yearning
pondering on love
for one another
as summer longs for the rain
as winter hopes for sunshine
as fall holds for strength
as spring transitions to heat
i am your late afternoon yearning
and i need you
i am your days of longing
on a rainy morning
on a long sunset drive
on a fun-filled pit stop
on a sweet homecoming
i am your days of longing
and i crave for you
on a Wednesday 


forever i will be tainted
tainted by the dark, sad reality
of the wrongs that i have done
of the mistakes i deliberately
or, did i?
was i wrong to just let you go?
was i wrong to just let you walk away?

when all i ever wanted to do
that moment you said goodbye
was hold you close to my heart
so close you would feel my heartbeat
so close you would know
(or maybe, i was hoping you’d know)
that you were and have always been
the one i want,
the one my heart bleeds for
the one my soul yearns for

and for years and years, i wonder,
of how life’s been treating you
of which path you’ve taken
are you happy?
are you dreamin’ the biggest dreams?
are you writing like you used to?
are you smiling making people happy as you’ve always?

for now, i only have my memory,
my memory of you and of that day
that i let you walk away
was i not man enough to fight for you?
fight for my love,
fight for our love?

for Sadje’s WDYS