If You Were Not Made For Me, Then Why?

God on the sixth day of Creation
created all the living things,
“in his own image,”

and from that day on God, has been
lovingly creating the perfectly imperfect man
and you my dear, yes you, was created and
designed for me, and me alone

for why else would you seamlessly,
smoothly with no apparent gaps
fits flawlessly into my being
as if every single cell of your body
was genetically made for me?

why else would my life find meaning in yours?
why would my tears fall endlessly
and my laughter be triumphant
only with you beside me?

why else would I write the best poetry,
most epic verses, most memorable
prose, and the sweetest love songs
with you as my muse?

why else would my heart cry out for you?
why would my mind desire for you?
why would my body long for you?
and why would my soul find peace in you?

if you were not made for me, then why?


  1. This is so much the truth! Too many are looking for the “perfect man” when they need to be looking for the “perfect for me man”! I adore this one, I know this one, I live this one!! Why can I only “like” it? Why can’t I “love” it? Why??


    1. Ahhhhh…you said it so well Val…thank you for that…and yes, if we can just stop looking for the “perfect man”, because truth, you wouldn’t find one…instead, there would always be the one perfect for you..😊😊😊
      Thank you Val, your lovely thoughts make me happy…


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