A collaboration of three elusive poets, whose love for the written words can be traced back even before Instagram and Facebook was born, even before the words, “friend zone or status complicated” were invented.
Three poets, one poem, one hope, one wish – to love and be loved eternally @michnavs, @chanticleer9 and @beruang_kuat


i’ve walked through the meadows,
among the darkest of clouds
i’ve walked through the horizon
with my greatest anticipation
of finding the one,
the one my heart longs
the one my soul yearns


what if there ain’t you, waiting patiently?
what if the darkest of clouds won’t give in to a downpour?
what if it ain’t true,
that there is a rainbow after the rain?
will true love reign,
or will i be waiting in vain?


the night falls
with no hope of light to show up
no moon, no stars to shine at night
no more rainbow to color the sky
no more music to play, no song to sing
the world fell apart
in complete silence

and as the morning breaks,

frustrations after frustrations
pain after pain
what else are you going to bring?
you just let them keep on coming.
oh, rainbow, why’s the sky avoiding you?
your colorful hues turned to mournful grey
is it because you’re now nothing but a display?


  1. A wondrously vivid collaboration….to find a mystical rainbow …
    Your words inspired a haiku for you …

    Rainbow Folds

    Gloom enfolds the view
    Gey clouds cover rainbow hues
    Darkness walks with you


    1. Thank you Sadje…aw, yeah next time i will indicate which part was written by whom..it was a random chat that lead to this beautiful piece and i had to do some weaving too.😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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