another collaboration of three elusive poets, now four…@michnavs, @chanticleer9, @beruang_kuat, @karenskie13..

they are your neighbors, friends, classmates, or officemates. they are somebody’s greatest love.
four poets. one poem. one mission – to take you to the magical world of poetry


i’ll never get over you,
i’ll never get enough of you
i’ll love you even if it pains, for every drop of the rain
is every bit of my pain i remember, i remember you

it drizzled when i first saw you
no umbrella nor coat to cover you
the rain accentuated your beauty
my eyes sparkled as I look at you intensely

it rained gently when i first kissed you
your lips mesmerized mine, that’s true
our kiss fascinated every inch of me
wished that with every rainfall, you’d kiss me

i longed for you when the rain falls
we used to play with each droplet
i longed for you when it rained harder
we used to cuddle as the wind blows

i missed you on rainy Sunday morning
we used to have nonsense bedroom chats
then we’d have our morning jog,
i would melt as you smile sweetly

but, damn you left me crying in vain
felt like there is no tomorrow
wished i could hold you once again
wished i could be with you forever

it rained heavily when you left me
your goodbye was my saddest in history
you just turned your back and walked away
and the rain cried with me on that day

i remembered you came into my life with no intentions
yet I’ve welcomed you with no hesitations
we chose to hold on even with complications
because it was worth all the risk, we believe

now you’re gone and left me in distraught
my heart’s aching but I shouldn’t be caught
tell me now how can I move on
and face these sad realities my own

the silence is deafening
yet there’s echoing in the horizon
as if you’re calling my name amidst the heavy rains
but when I looked around all I see
is blinding darkness, knife cutting through my veins

on gloomy days i’ll be calling your name
i fear my voice will be washed by the rains
i longed for the embrace we once shared
i wished yesterday was different and tomorrow’s the same
my decisions are crazy and now my fate is playing me

but, baby i tell you, come rain or sunshine
for whatever season, whatever reason
i will love you despite the pain
i will love you until we meet again

yes, i will love you even then


  1. How wonderful! Thank you to the 4 of you for sharing this beautiful collaboration of poets and weaving of words/poems! 🙂 Your words are powerful and heart-touching.
    I bet all people have rain memories…good and bad…rain associated to people or happenings. ???
    I’ve often found rain to be “good luck” or to precede good things. 🙂 I love rain. So I don’t find it moody or gloomy. 🙂
    Keep love strong! ❤
    ((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS… One of my fave quotes: "Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you." – Langston Hughes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great collaboration but you haven’t linked the other authors? This greatly appeals to me, the love and then the loss … this one will blow the charts, well done all of you!


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