You (A Sonnet Haiku)

i look at you, damn!
my world turned upside down dear
was head over heels

my heart raced faster
i bounced between euphoria
intense sleeplessness

was knocked off my feet
i slipped, i fell, i stumbled,
totally injured

in need of a drug
a miracle drug called YOU
yes, it is you

i am in dire need of you
of your being my dearest


Thank you Val for this.

It is 4 haiku verses with a closing couplet of either 7 or 5 syllables per line. This results in the standard sonnet length of 14 lines but unlike the traditional sonnet, there is no rhyme. (


    1. Yay,….thank you Val… i was so inspired by your Sonnet Haiku and thought of giving it a try…😊😊😊thank you so so muchπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


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