Baby, Take Me Home

i’m down and drowned, and the lucid moon
appears as heaven’s eye, it’s a cold night
i’m whimpering and whispering,
in the silence of my longing heart,
in the silence of the bewitching light

what brought me here, what tore us apart?
we should be together instead of being apart
so here i am wondering what went wrong
in the middle of somewhere, i am here and you are there
this love, oh, this love is so strong

i’m down and drown in my bed, and
night whispers, nothing but your name
i’m wailing and sobbing, how can i let this happen
how can i let you be just a shadow in the dark
a silhouette against my dimming sky

i’m begging for the night to be over and stop whispering your name, ‘cos baby it’s killin’ me
it’s suffocating, as i look up at the blanket of stars laid perfectly into the sky guiding my eyes
to maybe, just maybe, not infinity but to you

so send me home, walk me back in time ‘cos baby
i find happiness in just your memories no more
i am tired, tired of remembering every single detail ’bout you, ’bout us, i don’t want you to be just a memory, i don’t want us to be just a history

baby take me home, fly me back,
into your  loving arms where i belong
baby take me home, fly me back
to our love, where we once belonged

so baby, just take me home 


  1. Gah! The pathos of a relationship ending and one party regretting the decision to part ways!! You evoked the emotions as if serving a slice of cake – loved it and felt my heart contract at the same time!


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